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12 teams qualify for Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals

Flamboyance and creativity is encouraged in the Ranch Bronc Riding. Photo courtesy the NILE

Billings, MT– The 2017 Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at the NILE is Saturday, October 14 at 7 p.m. in the Rimrock Auto Arena.

The ranch rodeo has been a part of the NILE since 2007, making this year its tenth anniversary. 2017 is also the 50th anniversary of the NILE stock show and rodeo.

Teams are competing for thousands of dollars in prize money, as well as buckles from Montana Silversmiths. The winning team also earns a spot at the Western States Ranch Rodeo Association (WSRRA) Finals in Winnemuca, Nevada. Contestants are also vying for custom made spurs for riding the Top Horse, and a saddle made by Connolly Saddlery for the Top Hand.

Twelve teams qualified over the summer to compete at the NILE. It’s the best versus the best. The toughest competition in the Montana and surrounding states region.

The sanctioned rodeos were the Neal Hermanson Memorial Ranch Rodeo in Sidney, Montana; the Custer Ranch Rodeo in Custer, Montana; the Bozeman Roundup Ranch Rodeo in Bozeman, Montana; the Eastern Wyoming Ranch Rodeo in Lusk, Wyoming; the Big Sky Roundup Ranch Rodeo in Great Falls, Montana; the Phillips County Saddle Club Ranch Rodeo in Dodson, Montana; the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas, Wyoming; the Ingomar Ranch Rodeo in Ingomar, Montana.

Grand entry begins at 7 p.m. followed by bronc riding. The rules say “flamboyance and creativeness are encouraged,” which means the riders whoop and holler, throw their hats, and who knows what else! Last year a bronc rider’s wife was expecting a baby, so the team tossed pink colored flour in the air as a baby gender reveal.

After the bronc riding is the team trailering. Three yearlings have to be sorted out from a herd and loaded up into a trailer. Fastest time wins. Watch excellent horsemanship and teamwork for a speedy task completion. Cattle can be unpredictable so it’s always a wild guess as to what will happen.

Following is the team branding. Two teams are in the arena at the same time. A contestant is horse back and must rope a calf, bring it to the “fire” (bucket of flour) for the other teammates to flank and brand with flour. The team that can rope and brand two calves the fastest wins.

The team doctoring event is next, again the fastest time wins. The team must head and heel two steers, lay them on their sides and then mark their heads with a neon chalk marker. Cowboys and cowgirls show off skills they’ve honed on the ranch.

The final event is the Wild Cow Milking. Appropriately named, this event is wild. The team must rope a cow, milk her, and run the bottle to the judge. The judge will tip the bottle and must at least get a few drops out to be a qualified run.

Ranch rodeos are a different kind of rodeo and provide unique entertainment. Purchase tickets at the Metra Park Box Office call (406) 256-2400 or metrapark.com

After the awards ceremony is the Dance in the Dirt. A brand new event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NILE and the tenth anniversary of the Ranch Rodeo. Kyle Shobe and the Walk ‘Em Boys will play a lively concert right on the arena floor. Concert entrance is included with a ranch rodeo ticket purchase. Keep the entertainment going after the cattle and horses clear out, dance the night away and make memories to last a lifetime.

Fork U Cattle Co. from the Watford City, North Dakota region. Made up of Derek Mott, LJ Smith, Jared Hatter, and Wayne DeWitt. Qualified at the Neal Hermanson Memorial Ranch Rodeo.

Sand Creek Cattle from the Sands Springs, Montana region. Made up of Clint Potts, Jason Phipps, Jay Phipps and Cedar Woodford. Qualified at the Custer Ranch Rodeo.

Maxwell Butte Ranch from the Powderville, Montana region. Made up of Lane Krutzfeldt, Jake Goddard, Alec Haughian, and John Henry Beardsley. Qualified at the Bozeman Roundup Ranch Rodeo.

Four Three Land & Cattle/FX Ranches from the Lusk, Wyoming region. Made up of Chris Laucomer, Brad Lang, Boe Simmons, and JD Williams. Qualified at the Eastern Wyoming Ranch Rodeo.

Circle B LLC from the Miles City and Big Horn, Montana areas. Made up of Chris Davis, Jackson Wald, Tyrel Cresswell, and Kyla Johnson. Qualified at the Ingomar Ranch Rodeo.

Reid Ranch from the Pingree, Idaho region. Made up of of Justin Palmer, Jess Reid, Kip Hunter, Brandi Hunter, and Taylor Merrill. Qualified at the Big Sky Roundup Ranch Rodeo.

Olsen Grain & Livestock from the Malta, Montana region. Made up of Jeremy Pierce, Ross Salsbery, Guy Simaton, and Reid Robinson. Qualified at Phillips County Saddle Club Ranch Rodeo.

Bootheel 7/Hageman Ranches from the Lusk and Fort Laramie, Wyoming region. Made up of Andrew Wasserburger, Eric Wasserburger, Brett Hageman, Lane Hageman, and Lance Hladky. Qualified at the Wyoming State Fair.

Broken Arrow/Hanson Livestock from the Lusk, Wyoming region. Made up of Travis Krein, J.V. Boldon, Ben Hanson, and Rusty Martin. Qualified at the Wyoming State Fair.

S Ranch from the Pryor, Montana region. Made up of KC Verhelst, Sarah Verhelst, Bode Scott, and Dalton Wahl.

406 Cartel from the Forsyth and Miles City, Montana areas. Made up of Rodney Vance, Seth Flack, Spike Buffington, and Richard Rath.

Cow Camp Supply from the Fairfield, Montana region. Made up of Sparky Wallace, Luke Hutchinson, Jo Beth Hutchinson, Clay Clarke, and Travis Brereton.

Farstad Oil, the largest distributor of Exxon Mobil products in Montana, is the proud sponsor again of the 2017 NILE Ranch Rodeo! Farstad Oil has many products geared towards ranching and maintenance shops. Make plans to come to Billings for the Ranch Rodeo, and stop by Farstad Oil at 2350 N Frontage Road. Pick up 15w40 diesel oil, tractor fluid, gear lube, antifreeze, and more! Located next to the Billings Livestock Exchange.


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