Two rounds complete in timed events at American Semi-Finals in Ft. Worth |

Two rounds complete in timed events at American Semi-Finals in Ft. Worth

Nearly 600 contestants hoping for a chance to advance to RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN, presented by Polaris RANGER, were whittled to just 110 in timed events during preliminary rounds of the American Semi-Finals on February 18-19.

The $500,000 American Semi-Finals in the Fort Worth Stockyard’s Cowtown Coliseum continues February 20-21, during which the fastest 20 entries after two rounds in steer wrestling, tie down roping and team roping compete once to determine top-10 short-round qualifiers on February 22. In barrel racing, the fastest 30 competitors advanced after one round and 10 each will compete in performance Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The rodeo offers a clean slate for third-round action. Except in barrel racing, once the top 10 advance to Sunday’s short round, they once again compete with a clean slate. On Sunday, just five teams in team roping; six steer wrestlers, six tie down ropers and 10 barrel racers will punch their tickets to RFD-TV’s The American in AT&T Stadium on March 1.

Last year, defending American champion Tyson Durfey earned $100,000 for winning The American in AT&T Stadium because he was an invited contestant who had been ranked in the top 10 in the world in 2013. This year, he’s qualifying the old-fashioned way and has advanced to the third round. He has four calves ahead of him to tie down if he wants to repeat his championship in AT&T Stadium – but this time, he’s eligible for the $1 million bonus. Also, in barrel racing, Shelly Anzick has taken a step toward returning to The American, where last year she suffered a penalty during her final for $1 million.

Unlike sanctioning rodeo associations, RFD-TV’s The American has no age, gender, or earnings limitations. The top 30 barrel racers this weekend include three kids 9, 10 and 12 years old, as well as two male racers. Five former NFR barrel racers are also in the mix, including Taylor Jacob, who holds the arena record at the NFR.

The roughstock events Friday and Saturday will feature more than 15 former NFR qualifiers including rising star Joe Frost, who is a cousin to late rodeo legend Lane Frost. In tie down roping, Brazilian Marcos Costa made the cut, as well as his mentor, world champion Stran Smith, and six other former NFR ropers. The field includes Rhen Richard, who has also advanced in team roping. The other two-event cowboy trying to get two chances at $1 million – and the $25,000 bonus in the all-around at AT&T Stadium – is Steven Dent in bareback and saddle bronc riding.

Seven more NFR qualifiers will compete in steer wrestling including Cash Myers, who came out of a five-year retirement to try his luck at winning $1 million. In team roping, legendary Hall-of-Famer and four-time world champion Tee Woolman is in the mix with his 18-year-old partner, as well as 10 other former NFR ropers who include former world champion Kollin VonAhn.

Following are results from the timed events at The American Semi-Finals on Feb. 18-19:

Steer Wrestling: First Round: 1. KC Jones, Decatur, Texas, 3.86 seconds, $3,690; 2. Riley Duvall, Checotah, Okla., 4.12, $2,337; 3. Cash Myers, Athens, Texas, 4.15, $1,599; 4. (tie) Christian Petigrew, Fort Sumner, NM; Shayde Etherton, Hico, Texas; and Jacob Edler, State Center, Iowa, 4.16 each, $1,148 each. Second Round: 1. Sean Thomas, Benton, Ark., 4.07 seconds, $3,690. 2. Cade Staton, 4.11, $2,337; 3. Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colo., 4.14, $1,599; 4. Benjamin Cox, 4.43, $1,353; 5. Josh Garner, Live Oak, Calif., 4.51, $1,107; 6. (tie) Justin Morehouse, and KC Jones, Decatur, Texas, 4.52 each, $492 each. Top 20 Qualifiers to Third Round: Luke Campbell, Riley Duvall, Cole Fritzlon, Josh Garner, Tyler Gibson, Stewart Gulager, Jule Hazen, Lane Holland, KC Jones, Will Lummus, Blake Mindemann, Sean Mulligan, Cash Myers, Lex Owen, Rowdy Parrot, Josh Peek, Garrett Smith, JD Struxness, Todd Suhn, Aaron Vosler.

Team Roping: First Round: 1. Lane Ivy, Amarillo, Texas, and Dustin Davis, Terrell, Texas, 4.60 seconds, $6,705; 2. Nick Sartain, Yukon, Okla., and Rich Skelton, Llano, Texas, 4.65, $4,246; 3. Jay Tittel, Pueblo, Colo., and Cullen Teller, Pierce, Colo., 5.16, $2,906; 4. Bubba Buckaloo, Caddo, Okla., and Russell Cardoza Jr., Terrebonne, Ore., 5.25, $2,458; 5. Tyler Wade, Terrell, Texas, and Dustin Davis, Terrell, Texas, 5.30, $2,012; 6. Luke Brown, Morgan Mill, Texas, and Kollin VonAhn, Blanchard, Okla., 5.36, $1,788; 7. Tee Woolman, Llano, Texas, and Daniel Braman, Refugio, Texas, 5.36, $1,341; 8. Tyler Wade, Terrell, Texas, and Kinney Harrell, Marshall, Texas, 5.39, $894. Second Round: 1., Clint Summers, Kyle Lawrence 4.46 seconds, $6,705; 2. Clint Summers Zak Richardson, , 4.50, $4,246; 3., Charly Crawford, Ryon Tittel 4.57, $2,906; 4., David Key, Wesley Thorp, 4.58, $2,458; 5. Kaden Richard, Cody Doescher, 4.63, $2,012; 6. Seth Hall, Kory Bramwell, 4.67, $1,788; 7. Jimmy Tanner and Cole Bigbee, 4.81, $1,341; 8. Travis Bounds, and Wade Kreutzer, 4.88, $894. Average on Two: 1. Jimmy Tanner, Stephenville, Texas and Cole Bigbee, Tuscumbia, Ala., 10.56 seconds, $6,638; 2. Luke Brown, Morgan Mill, Texas and Kollin Vonahn, Blanchard, Okla., 10.92, $4,425; 3. Bubba Buckaloo, Kingston, Okla., and Jett Hillman, Purcell, Okla., 11.00, $3,420; 4. Manny Cunde Egusquiza, Madiso, Calif., and Jonathon Torres, Bell City, La., 11.37, $2,414; 5. Lane Ivy, Amarillo, Texas and Dustin Davis, Terrell, Texas, 11.45, $1,810; 6. John Alley, Adams, Tenn., and Clark Adcock, Watertown, Tenn., 11.79, $1,408. Top 20 Qualifiers to Third Round: Jimmy Tanner/Cole Bigbee; Luke Brown/Kollin VonAhn; Bubba Buckaloo/Jett Hillman; Manny Egusquiza/Jonathon Torres; Lane Ivy/Dustin Davis; John Alley/Clark Adcock; Zachary Small/Billie Jack Saebens; 8. Shane Philipp and John Philipp; 9. Blaine Vick and Jed Middleton; 10. Billy Bob Brown and Garrett Jess; 11. Tyler Wade and Kinney Harrell; 12. Cale Markham and Buddy Hawkins II; 13. Kenton Woodson and John Philipp; 14. Colby Lovell and Kory Koontz; 15. Robert Boyd and Byron Wilkerson; 16. Cory Clark and Jake Smith; 17. Nick Sartain and Rich Skelton; 18. Cory Kidd V and Ryan Motes; 19. Rhen Richard and Shay Carroll; 20. Tee Woolman and Daniel Braman.

Tie Down Roping: First Round: 1. Randall Carlisle, Bryan, Texas, 7.34 seconds, $4,191; 2. Sterling Smith, Stephenville, Texas, 7.42, $2,654; 3. Michael Otero, Lowndesboro, Ala., 7.57, $1,816; 4. Marshall Leonard, Shongaloo, La., 7.76, $1,537; 5. Clif Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 7.91, $1,257; 6. Stran Smith, Childress, Texas, 7.94, $1,118. Second Round: 1. Cooper Martin, Alma, Kan., 6.81 seconds, $4,191; 2. Blane Cox, , Cameron, Texas, 6.85, $2,654; 3. Kody Mahaffey, Sweetwater, Texas, 7.32, $1,816; 4. Rowdy Haferkamp, Cuero, Texas, 7.39, $1,537; 5. Scott Kormos, Teague, Texas, 7.40, $1,258; 6. Jeff Chapman, Union, Miss., 7.43, $1,118. Top 20 Qualifiers to Third Round: Marcos Costa, Stran Smith, Houston Hutto, Rhen Richard, Randall Carlisle, Sterling Smith, Cole Wilson, Justin Maass, Cimarron Boardman, Dane Kissack, Reese Riemer, Clif Cooper, Bradley Bynum, Cooper Martin, Walt White, Cory Kirk, Tyson Durfey, Michael Otero, Cole Bailey, Chase Williams.

Barrel Racing: First Round and Final-Round Qualifiers: 1. Jackie Jatzlau, Giddings, Texas, on Imanonstop Fame, 13.863, $7,911; 2. Jane Melby, Burneyville, Okla., 13.939, $6,981; 3. Jacie Etbauer, Edmond, Okla., 13.962, $6,050; 4. Jimmy Bryant, Columbus, Ind., 13.984, $5,119; 5. Taylor Jacob, Carmine, Texas, 13.987, $4,188; 6. Chayni Chamberlain, Stephenville, Texas, 14.006, $3,723; 7. Kelsie Miller, Riley, Ore., 14.019, $3,258; 8. Tana Poppino, Big Cabin, Okla., 14.052, $2,792; 9. Lindsey McLeod, Whitesboro, Texas, 14.058, $2,327; 10. Callahan Crossley, Hermiston, Ore., 14.062, $1,629; 11. Kassie Mowry, Dublin, Texas, 14.062, $1,629; 12. Laura Kennedy, Quitman, Ark., 14.069, $931; 13. Sharin Hall, Kingston, Okla.; 14. Destri Devenport, Sandy Hook, Miss.; 15. Ann Scott, Odessa, Texas; 16. Allie Chouest, Cut Off, La.; 17. Ali Armstrong, Lexington, Okla; 18. Troy Crumrine, Waynesfield, Ohio; 19. Kathy Grimes, Medical Lake, Wash.; 20. Shelby Herrmann, Stephensville, Mont.; 21. Latricia Duke, College Station, Texas; 22. Sabra O’Quinn, Ocala, Fla.; 23. Megan Swint, Lithia, Fla., 14.175; 24. Steffani Matther, Cypress County, Alberta, 14.179; 25. Joy Wargo, Gainesville, Texas; 26. Karsyn Daniels, McKinney, Texas; 27. Carmel Wright, Roy, Mont.; 28. Adeline Nevala, Sebeka, Minn.; 29. Shelly Anzick, Livingston, Mont.; 30. Jaycie Cundall, Queen Creek, Ariz.

–The American

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