University of Montana Western Colt Challenge and Sale |

University of Montana Western Colt Challenge and Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 3, 2021


Location: Montana Center For Horsemanship-Dillon, Montana

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins


26 Broke Horses – $9,076


Lot 20 at $19,000, RSR Easy Playguns, DOB 6/3/17, #5837960, PLAYGUNS RIDE x EASY FOXY HICKORY, Sold to Karen Murphy, Old Chatham, New York.

Lot 23 at $14,000, WEAVERS GONNA B BUSY, DOB 8/30/18, #6021272, GENUINELY BUSY x GOINGTOTHETOPPERRY, Sold to Kathy Klick Robinson, Augusta, Montana.

Lot 16 at $13,000, DOCS SMOUCH, DOB 5/22/17, #5840425, DOCS CASHIN x REVEN SMOOCH, Sold to Karen Ross, Elko, Nevada.

Lot 25 at $13,000, WEAVERS TUF N BUSY, DOB 5/20/18, #5911193, IMA TUF LENA x WEAVERS BROKE N BUSY, Sold to Pete Kyle, Amarillo, Texas.

Lot 5 at $12,750, EASY DOCS LATIGO, DOB 6/8/18, #5924708, MONTANA EASY MOVE x DASHERS STARLIGHT, Sold to Lynn Hirschy, Jackson, Montana.

University of Montana Western Colt Challenge Results

1st Place, Lot 20, RSR EASY PLAYGUNS, Donated by Roaring Springs Ranch, ridden by Jacob Christenson.

2nd Place, Lot 2, IMA NU STARLITA, Donated by Fred and Lynn Hirschy, ridden by Brianna Bruneau.

3rd and 4th Place tie, Lot 1, IMA GAMBLER NOW, Donated by Erb Ranch and ridden by Krya Trahant

3rd and 4th Place tie, Lot 18, SMART IRISH POPPY, Dontated By R Lazy 6 Quarter Horses and ridden By Callie Wasser.

High Selling Colt Lot 20


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