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Weston County Mini Roughstock Rodeo

Cowboys and cowgirls from 4 to 18 years old came from Montana, North and South Dakotan Wyoming, gathering in Newcastle, Wyoming to vie for Championship titles in the Weston County Mini Roughstock Rodeo.

Over 120 head of Sheep, Pony Broncs, Mini Bulls and high school Broncs and Bulls poured through the chutes in an endless stream, furnished by Jason Whitney Mutton Buckers of Newcastle, WY, Hawk Rodeos from St. Francis, SD, 5F Mini Bulls from Gillette, WY and K-8 Bucking Bulls from Richardton, ND.

A lot of familiar names and faces were there attempting to defend their titles from 2021. A lot of new faces were there that night to challenge last year’s champions in each event.

New, this year was the Girl’s Ranch Bronc Riding, won by Erin Osmotherly, Hot Springs, SD with a score of 77 on Hawk Rodeo’s #5 Blueberry. Bull riding Champion was Colton Coffman, Lusk, WY and the Saddle Bronc title went to Pace Garrett, Wright, Wy.

Mutton Bustin (30 entries)


This hand ride a sheep in the mutton busting event.

1BlazeLee Marty1st

Billy Jackson, Kayce Jones, Tim Sewell. All photos courtesy WCMR

6-8 Mini Bareback (11 entries)

1Lucas James761st

2Chase Heinrich652nd

3Cannon Cowger623rd

4Dixey Rathbun614th

5Kase Lambert595th

9-11 Mini Bareback (13 entries)

1Keaton Hampton621st

2Amanda Ayers602nd

3Layton Single523rd

12-14 Mini Bareback (7 entries)

1Adam Butler591st

2Aubrey Manning532nd & 3rd

3Ayonna Hunter532nd & 3rd

15-18 Bareback

1Dustin BoyerExhibition

15-18 Saddle Bronc (7 entries)

1Pace Garrett611st

Pace Garrett, 2022 Saddle Bronc Champion.

15-18 Girls Ranch Saddle Bronc (2 entries)

Erin Osmotherly, Hot Springs, won the girls ranch bronc riding.

1Erin Osmotherly771st

6-8 Mini Bulls (15 entries)

1Clancey Newlin681st

2Lucas James642nd

3Dixey Rathbun593rd

4Rowdy Rathbun584th

9-11 Mini Bulls (9 entries)

1Clay Sweet741st

2Tyke Coffman732nd

3Keaton Hampton623rd

4Baxton Amdahl584th

12-14 Mini Bulls (9 entries)

1Bre’zhon Spang671st

2Adam Butler632nd

3Ayonna Hunter563rd

15-18 Bull Riding (7 entries)

Colton Coffman, 2022 Bull Riding Champion.

1Colton Coffman761

2Hayden Welsh752

Wild Pony Race (6 teams)

1Hollie Swentesky, Christine Swentesky, Josie Smith1st


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