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Wyo. Cowboy Hall Of Fame touted by governor

The Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame was expressly recognized and complimented by Governor Matt Meade during his recent State of the State speech in Cheyenne.

Meade personally selected Russell “Pinky” Walter of Lingle, whose vision for founding this Cowboy Hall of Fame began in our Centennial Year, to represent WCHF at the Capitol on that special day.

“I felt very honored to have been invited to the State of the State speech by the Governor,” Walters reports. “There was maybe 8 or 10 people invited there. I was very humbled to have the legislative body give me a standing ovation. It was even more amazing that Kody’s government class in High School here watched it the next day. I guess it is on some website at the State. I don’t know why they picked me to be there, but it was a heck of an honor for this old cowboy!”

That kind of recognition and appreciation shown at the state level is very encouraging for the fledgling organization. Walter said, “I feel that we are now on our way, with the WCHF being recognized by the State’s leaders.”

The WCHF is presently canvassing for nominations of worthy individuals for consideration as 2015 Honorees. Nominations opened January 1 and will close the end of March. Everyone in the state knows a ranching pioneer or hardworking grassroots cowboy or cowgirl worthy of being honored, and this is the time to do your part by getting their name in the nominations pool.

It’s a very easy task. Simply visit http://www.wyomingcowboyhalloffame.com/nomination/ and a user-friendly form will appear for you to fill out. If you have problems or questions, go to http://www.wyomingcowboyhalloffame.com/region-contact-information/ and contact a committee or Board member in your region for assistance.

The Board is eager to honor deserving men and women from across the Cowboy State, but someone must nominate them before they can be considered. Governor Meade, “Pinky” Walter and the other WCHF officers and Board members are counting on you to provide those nominations.

Walters expounds positively, “I think this organization will do amazing things in the future with the Board members we have and the enthusiasm everybody has towards this program.”

–Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame

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