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Falocito: Hebberts are fine cowboys

We received this letter in response to the article about the Hebberts in our 2023 The Cattle Journal: Beef and Business.

Ms. Tibbetts,

My family has been ranching in Grant County, NE about as long as the Hebberts. Over the years we have bought many Hebbert Charolais bulls and their calves have always weighed about ten per cent more than the calves in the Angus/Blackface crop. For Charolais terminal-cross hybrids I think Hebbert Charolais sires are the finest. 

I knew Dave Hebbert and his father Mose Hebbert–they were among the finest cowboys in the Sandhills. To see Mose throw a rope was like watching Babe Ruth hit a home run. 

Yours truly,

Jay Falotico

Lynch Circle Ranch