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11th Annual Red Western Red Angus Bull Sale

Shammel Ranch, Hemmingford, Neb., purchased the top selling Red Angus bull at the Red Western sale.

Date: April 10, 2015

Location: Crawford Livestock, Crawford, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Kyle Gilchrist

Reported by: Scott Dirk


22 Ylg Red Angus bulls – $5,716

14 18-month-old Red Angus bulls – $4,804

9 Two-year-old Red Angus bulls – $4,528

4 Aged Red Angus bulls – $7,000

10 Red Angus Commercial Heifers – $1,950

Brad and Trixie Grill and Jeff and Diana Grill along with guest consignor Fick Red Angus welcomed a good crowed to their 11th Annual “Red Western” bull sale on April 10 at Crawford Livestock, Crawford, Nebraska.

This is a smaller sale on numbers but the quality will rank up there with many of the top sales in the region. These bulls are moderate framed to fit the rugged terrain they are raised in and are easy fleshing. The bulls are not fed hard for optimal gains, but slowly developed to express their natural genetic ability. The Fick Red Angus bulls are managed with the same philosophy. With spring born yearlings, fall bulls and two year old bulls, there was a bull to fit any cattlemen’s operation and price range.

Topping the sale was lot 7, B Lazy T MR RED B006, a Feb. 2014 son of Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334 with epds of CED 9 BW -3.1 WW 68 YW 120 Milk 20 sold to Shammel Ranch, Hemingford, Nebraska for $10,000

Lot 3, B Lazy T MR OLY B002, a Feb. 2014 son of Red SSS OLY 554T sold to Ron Steffan, White Lake, S.D., for $9,250. This bull has epds of CED 6 BW -5.3 WW 58 YW 92 Milk 14.

Lot 38, Grill 73Z, an Oct. 2013, son of Grill Gold Rush 2W with epds of CED 7 BW -2.8 WW 41 YW 64 Milk 25 sold to repeat buyer Sides Ranch, Smithwick, S.D., for $9,000

Lot 1, B Lazy T MR CQ B001, a Feb. 2014 son of HXC Conquest 4405P with epds of CED 11 BW -5.0 WW 59 YW 92 Milk 25 went to Dave Hoffman, Crawford, Nebraska, for $8,000

Sides Ranch struck again on Lot 37 and 18 at $7,500 each. Lot 37, Grill 18Z is a Sept. 2013 son of Grill Gold Rush 2W that has epds of CED 3 BW -2.8 WW 50 YW 78 Milk 25. Lot 18, B Lazy T MR WC B083 is an Apr. 2014 son of Mushrush Impression X344 with epds of CED 5 BW -2.4 WW 59 YW 92 Milk 20.

Three bulls sold at $7,000 each.

Lot 4, B Lazy T MR OLY B007, son of Red SSS OLY 554T to John Mundorf, Mullen, Nebraska, for $7,000

Lot 8, B Lazy T MR WP B027, son of Buf Crk Wyoming Pride X056 to John Tanner, Edgemont, S.D., for $7,000

Lot 17, B Lazy T MR OLY B055, son of Red SSS OLY 554T to Dave Hoffman, Crawford, Nebraska for $7,000

This was the 5th year that Fick Red Angus from O’Neill, Nebraska sold bulls in the Red Western Sale. Topping the Fick bulls was lot 43, FCK Julian A157 a May 2013 son of FCK W76 with epds of CED 4 BW -2.0 WW 54 YW 86 Milk 22 plus the bull had a weaning ratio of 112 and yearling ratio of 105. Jake Hunter, Chadron, Nebraska, was the buyer at $7,000.

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