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2015 Bred For Balance Sale

Sale hosts Tom Hook and Jim Wulf at the inaugural “Bred For Balance Sale.

Date: February 13, 2015 – Tracy, Minn.

Auctioneer: Tracy Harl, NE

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Reported by:

Allied Genetics Resources

Photos by Scott Dirk


66 yearling bulls – $8,786

13 bred heifers – $7,200

12 open heifers – $4,075

2 flushes – $3,500

4 embryos lots – $2,500

The inaugural “Bred for Balance” Sale hosted by the Wulf and Hook Families was a tremendous success with cattle selling into 20 states. Buyers representing a blend of commercial cattlemen and seedstock producers, both local and from across the country, actively bid on the genetic offering.

High Selling Lots:

Lot 1: Hook’s Broadway 11B

Purchased by Gibbs Farms, AL, Cow Camp Ranch, KS, and Select Sires for $61,000.

Lot 4: Hook’s Beacon 56B

Purchased by Koch Ranch, MT, Gateway Simmental, MT, Huntley Ranch, MT and Diamond Peak Ranch, CO for $42,000.

Lot 16: Hook’s Baltic 17B

Purchased by Little Bitterroot Simmental, MT for $30,000.

Lot 2: Hook’s Bozeman 8B

Purchased by Schnabel Ranch, SD for $25,500.

Lot 3: Hook’s Bounty 6B

Purchased by Gonsalves Ranch, CA for $25,500.

Lot 28: Hook’s Blueprint 13B

Purchased by Gibbs Farms, AL, Cow Camp Ranch, KS, and Genex for $23,000.

Lot 20: Hook’s Boulevard 41B

Purchased by Parker Cattle Company, CO for $22,000.

Top Bred Heifer Lot 80: 2E Ada 3A

Purchased by Jay Anderson, NE for $25,000.

Top Open Heifer Lot 95: Hook’s Bella 72B

Purchased by the Anderson Family, MN for $10,000. F