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21 Angus 22nd Annual Top Cut Bull Sale

Del Eisenbarth, New England N.D.,, brought his helpers along to pick out lot 45, a Capitalist X Bandwagon, calving-ease bull. On the right is Archie Wolf from 21 Angus.

Date: Jan. 31, 2015

Location: at the ranch, New England, ND

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

Reported by: Scott Dirk

Average: 147 yearling Angus bulls – $6,393

The Wolf family held their 22nd Annual Top Cut bull sale at the 21 Angus Ranch headquarters on Jan. 31. Marc, Anne, John, Molly and Jake along with Archie & Diane presented a great set of high quality yearling bulls for the sale.

The sale offering had large groups of one-half and three-quarter brothers, ensuring buyers the opportunity to select alike bulls in volume. Over 75 percent of the sale bulls were calving ease, but none sacrificed performance. This was great set of moderate framed, uniform bulls that were deep ribbed with eye appeal.

The high selling bull for the day was lot 26, 21AR Packer 4313, a Feb. 26, 2014, son of Connealy Packer 547 with a moderate 78 pound birthweight, 787 pound 205 wt. and 117 weaning ratio. The bull has epds of BW +0.4 WW 65 YW 104 Milk 27. Yellow Top Angus, Solen, N.D., and McLennen Angus, Belle Fourche, S.D., teamed up to buy this herd sire prospect for $20,000.

Selling at $13,500 was lot 34, 21AR Pendleton 4618, an April 18, 2014, son of 21AR Pendleton 0335 with epds of BW +0.2 WW 62 YW 106 Milk 32. This bull had an 817 pound 205 day wt. and 122 weaning ratio. Clyde Kraenzel, Hebron, N.D., was the buyer.

Kraenzel also purchased lot 1, 21AR Capitalist 4080, a Feb. 11, 2014, son of Connealy Capitalist 028. Another powerful calving ease bull that weaned off at 821 pounds, weaning ratio of 122 and epds of BW +0.9 WW 69 YW 113 Milk 29. The selling price was $11,000.

Lot 2, 21AR Capitalist 4019, a Feb. 4, 2014, son of Connealy Capitalist sold to Steve Smith, Lehi, Utah, for $11,000. This bull also had a powerful weaning weight of 829 pounds, weaning ratio of 124 and epds of BW -0.6 WW 68 YW 112 Milk 30.

Also selling at $11,000 was lot 16, 21AR Packer 4229, a Feb. 23, 2014, son of Connealy Packer with epds of BW 2.3 WW 60 YW 101 Milk 31. Roy Bolden, Buffalo Gap, S.D., was the buyer.

This was a very functional, high quality set of bulls backed by a great family of cattlemen.

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