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21 Angus 27th Annual Top Cut Bull Sale


TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Jan. 30, 2021

Location: at the Ranch, New England, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


156 Angus Bulls – $6,381

We had a great sale day at 21 Angus for Marc and Anne Wolf, John, Jake, Molly and Archie and Diane Wolf and the entire 21 Angus Crew. 21 Angus offered a great set of Angus bulls to many new and repeat buyers.

Lot 4 at $17,000, 21 AR LOGO 0023 Dob 2-5-2020, Reg 19859631, Sitz Logo 12964 x 21 AR Estrada 8619, sold to Green Mountain Angus, Ryegate, Montana.

Lot 1 at $11,500, 21 AR LOGO 0120A Dob 2-15-2021, Reg 1985989, Sitz Logo 12964 x 21 AR Blackap 8315A, sold to Russel Walters Hazen, North Dakota.

Lot 2 at $11,500, 21 AR Logo 0066, Dob 2-9-2020, Reg 19859667, Sitz Logo 12964 x 21 AR Blackbird 8294, sold to Open 8 Genetics and Wang Ranch, Baker, Montana.

Lot 7 at $11,000, 21 AR ALTERNATIVE 0190A, Dob 2-20-2020, Reg 19859664, Baldridge Alternative E 125 x 21 AR Lass 7461A, sold to Mason Steinmetz, Carson, North Dakota.

Lot 21 at $11,000, 21 AR LOGO 0021A, Dob 2-5-2020, 19859596, Sitz Logo 12964 x 21 AR Blackap 8423A, sold to Mason Steinmetz.

Russell, Michelle and Riley Walters Hazen, North Dakota.
Mary and Leo Goss Martin, South Dakota.
Albert, Jessie and Jordan Paul, Ismay, Montana.


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