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24th Annual Split Diamond Angus bull sale

Sarah Salsbury, Tomahawk Ranch, Whitehall, Montana, is excited to see what Split Diamond genetics will do in her herd.

Date: March 5, 2015

Location: Beaverhead Livestock Auction, Dillon, Mont.

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Sarah Swenson

Average: 132 ylg bulls: $6,314

What a tremendous turnout on a gorgeous day for the 24th annual Split Diamond Ranch Angus bull sale. The crowd on hand was well aware of what Split Diamond bulls could do for their herds and they were ready to invest. In fact, 90 percent of the bulls that went through the ring that day posted a weaning weight and/or yearling weight EPD higher than the Angus breed average. Additionally, 66 percent of the bulls offered had a Birth Weight EPD less than the breed average of +1.8.

All the bulls exhibited performance traits as well, with a lot of thickness and top. From start to finish, this year’s offering was by far the most complete and uniform set of bulls the Buckners have brought to town, which is largely due to a great deal of effort and studying by Hans Buckner on sire lines and matching those with the outstanding set of females the Buckner family has put together over the years.

Split Diamond Angus indicated that they have made a dedicated effort to add more value to their product year after year by adding carcass, ribeye and thickness, without sacrificing the important traits vital to suiting the environment. And, for the first time this year, they decided to HD50K every bull in the offering to utilize technology to back up their genetic decisions.

They also do a good job of complimenting their genetics by feeding the bulls right. The bulls completed a 110 day performance test with a responsible growth rate of 3.0 ADG, so that they are ready to be turned out and go to work.

Steve and Linda, Hans and Diana Buckner and crew raise top quality cattle that meet today’s challenging industry needs. It brings the same buyers back year after year.

Topping the sale was Lot 2, SD Denver 4149 W, an EXAR Denver 2002B son out of a G A R Objective daughter. This complete, balanced bull ratios 103 or better in every category, and was the #1 WW and YW EPD bull in the offering and the #2 $W bull. Lot 2 posted EPDs of: CED +4, BW +2.6, WW +73, YW +125 , CEM +8, and Milk +30. This bull will stay in Dillon, Mont., making his new home with BC Ventures for a selling price of $14,500.

Another high seller, also bringing $14,500 was Lot 8, SD Ten X 4520, an A A R Ten X 7008 S A son out of a K C F Bennett Total daughter. He posted EPDs of CED +9, BW +0.3, WW +61, YW +107, CEM +11 and Milk +25 with a WR of 119 and YR 109. Notably, his $B is $128.98. This Feb. 8, 2014, calf had a BW 72, 205 Weight of 827 and a 365 weight of 1331, marking him as the #1 adj. WW, #2 scrotal, and # 3 REA in the offering. Ewing Angus, Dodson, Mont., was the purchaser of this herd sire prospect.

The third highest selling bull for the day was Lot 1 SD Denver 4100 W, a flush brother to Lot 2, an EXAR Denver 2002B out of a G A R Objective 7125 daughter. This combination proved to be in demand as this bull sold for $13,500 to Broksle Ranch, Twin Bridges, Mont. Identified as the #1 $W, at $70.30, and the #2 YW EPD in the offering at 123. This bull exhibited a lot of growth and performance in addition to some calving ease, posting EPDs of CED +9, BW +1.3, WW +71, CEM +10 and Milk +27.

The fourth top selling bull at $13,000 ,was Lot 4, SD Border Patrol 4065, a BT Border Patrol 1612 son out of a S A V 8180 Traveler 004 cow. You couldn’t help but notice this bull as you walked in the pen. He is sure to add pounds to the calves at the Nelson Spring Creek Ranch in Livingston, Mont., and maternal qualities to their replacement heifers. This bull posted EPDs of CED +2, BW +2.8, WW +68, YW +115, CEM +8, and Milk +27 with a WR 104 and YR 103.

Rounding out the top 5 was Lot 12, selling for $12,000 also to Nelson Spring Creek Ranch, Livingston, Mont. This Diamond in the Rough son out of a D H D Traveler 6807 daughter, exhibited a lot of carcass traits with the #1 CW at +72, and the #3 YW EPD in the offering. He also had the third heaviest 365 day wt at 1,394. He posted EPDs of: CED +1, BW +3.6, WW +70, YW +126, CEM +4 and Milk +33 with an individual performance of WR 119 and YR 116.

The phenomenal genetic packages and overall correctness of the bulls in the 2015 Split Diamond Angus “Value Added Angus” bull sale exemplified that the Buckners achieved what they set out to do year after year. I’m looking forward to the 2016 offering as I’m sure it will be just as impressive.

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