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27th Annual Barstow Angus Ranch “ROCK SOLID” Bull Sale

Sale bulls on display at Barstow Angus sale barn.

Date of Sale: March 12, 2018

Location: Barstow Ranch, Springview, Nebraska

Auctioneer: CK Sonny Booth

TSLN Reps: Scott Dirk, Matt Wznick


94 Bulls – $5,622

1 Heifer choice at $9,500

A beautiful sunny warm day, March 12, 2018, found a powerhouse set of Angus bulls featuring shape, muscle, and eye appeal, offered for sale to a packed house at Barstow Angus Ranch “Rock Solid” Bull Sale. Congratulations on a successful sale.

Lot 81 at $16,000, Barstow Valor E104, DOB 2-2-17, REG# 18956302, PA Valor 201 x Barstow Queen Z117, sold to Poss Angus, Scotia, Nebraska.

Lot 2 at $13,750, Barstow Banker E23, DOB 1-26-17, REG# 18956329, Barstow Banker B76 x Barstow Blackcap Lady B92, sold to Lonnie Franzen Amelia, Nebraska.

Lot 1 at $13,000, Barstow Banker E30, DOB 1-28-17, REG# 18956334, Barstow Banker B76 x Barstow Extra B122, sold to Burt Strakka, Stuart, Nebraska

Lot 65 at $10,000, Barstow Resource E113, DOB 2-16-17, REG# 18956307, S A V Resource 1441 x Barstow Carla Blackbird X89, sold to Joe Bertolotto, McIntosh, South Dakota

Lot 8 at $9,500, Barstow Bankroll E40, DOB 1-31-17, REG# 18956344, Barstow Bankroll B73 x Barstow Queen A135, sold to Leon Weichmam, Stuart, Nebraska

Lot 94 at $9,500, Barstow Unanimous E165, DOB 3-8-17, REG# 18956325, Barstow Unanimous C72 x Barstow Miss Extra W117, sold to Sioux Angus, Fresno, California

A special offering of the sale was Choice of the 2017 Heifers at $9,500 selling to Krebs Ranch Gordon, Nebraska