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4th Annual Caraway Red Angus Ranch Bull Sale

Russ and Leslie Hyland of Ramona, SD bought a good bull.

Date: March 6, 2017

Location: at the Ranch, Lake Benton, MN

Auctioneer: Dustin Carter

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


22 bulls averaged: $2827

5 open heifers averaged: $1830

It was an extremely windy day in Minnesota at the Caraway Red Angus Ranch for their 4th Annual Bull Sale. But with the passion for the cattle industry that is possessed by the Caraway family I do believe nothing would stop them from offering their seedstock for sale. The genetics provided are a good combination for purebred or commercial guys alike. The bulls are hand fed by Jon, which makes for a well-mannered bull that anyone can handle. The offering represented a good variety of high performance genetics on a fancy phenotype. The heifers were halter-broke and worthy of any show in the country. Reported here is the very top:

CRAR Mr Epic Pursue 18D was sold to Agri Steer Inc. of Elwood, NE for $4,100. This bull is sired by Beckton Epic R397 K and was born 2/18/16 at 86 pounds and posted an ADJ WW of 759 pounds. His EPDs include BW 1.3, WW 73, YW 116, and Milk 18.

CRAR Loosli Hughes 32D was sold for $3,900 to Brian Vangenderen of Harrison, SD. His sire is Looslie Hughes 437 and he scored EPDs of BW 2.6, WW 84, YW 129, and Milk 18. He was born 3/11/16 at 100 pounds and was 817 pounds on his ADJ WW.

Harvey Klever of Henning, MN bought CRAR Mr Lancer 550 for $3,500. He’s a 2-year-old bull born 8/12/15 and is sired by 3SCC Lancer Z173. He was 60 pounds at birth and 604 pounds on his ADJ WW. He has EPDs of BW -2.9, WW 55, YW 84, and Milk 23.

Travis Schaffer of Hayes, SD purchased a high selling heifer for $2,100 in CRAR Ms Hugh Jackhammer 46D. Her sire is Loosli Hughes 437 and she posted EPDs of BW 0.9, WW 78, YW 115, and Milk 19. She was born 3/28/16 at 86 pounds and was 712 pounds on her ADJ WW.

$2,100 was the high bid on the heifer CRAR Ms Hi Country 14D for Nathan Kappes. She is a daughter of Glacier Hi Country 926 and was born 2/17/16 at 86 pounds and was 661 pounds on her ADJ WW. Her EPDs are BW 0, WW 65, YW 100, and Milk 19.

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