Amdahl Angus and Hereford Premier Performance Sale

Jeff Barber of Enning, S.D., bought some bulls.

Date: February 13, 2016

Location: The ranch, Rapid City, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


96 Angus ylg bulls – $4,237

21 Hereford ylg bulls – $5,571

6 Hereford fall bulls – $6,250

It was an exciting day north of Rapid City at the 2nd Anniversary of the Amdahls’ new ranch head quarters. The Hereford bulls are of course a continuation of the Baker genetic line and haven’t strayed at all. The Angus bulls are coming from some of the top sires in the breed. All the bulls can boast a 3-5 pounds average daily gain on a mere high roughage mixed ration. They were in excellent sale condition and I think it’s a true testament to what the Amdahls are getting done genetically. Here is cream off the top:


Lot 33, Amdahl Block Party 557, topped the sale at $9,000 selling to LCL Ranch of Murdo, South Dakota. Sired by CB Block Party 156 and born March 9, 2015, at 85 pounds. This bull recorded EPDs of BW 2.7, WW 64, YW 108, and Milk 31. He posted 862 pounds on his Adj. 205.

Also heading to Murdo with the LCL Ranch was Lot 32, Amdahl Block Party 535, for $8,500. Sired by CB Block Party 156 with EPDs of BW 2.8, WW 60, YW 98, and Milk 27. He was born Feb. 26, 2015, at 89 pounds and was 815 pounds at his Adj. 205.

LCL Ranch of Murdo wasn’t done yet and went on to buy Lot 56, Amdahls Extra 526, for $7,500. Sired by Koupals B&B Extra 0011 this bull posted EPDs of BW 4.3, WW 55, YW 95, and Milk 25. He was born Feb. 23, 2015, at 70 pounds and was 791 pounds on the Adj. 205.


Topping the Hereford side of things was Lot 15, KB L1 Domino 519C, for $7,500. This CL 1 Domino 2215Z ET son is heading to Burlington, North Dakota, with Behm Hereford Ranch. He recorded EPDs of BW 4.5, WW 53, YW 82, and Milk 27. He weighed 95 pounds at birth on Feb. 13, 2015 and 727 pounds on his Adj. 205.

Also heading north to Burlington, with Behm Hereford Ranch was Lot 18, TA L2 Domino 528C, for $7,500. Sired by HH Advance 2036Z ET and born Feb. 20, 2015, this bull posted EPDs of BW 5.2, WW 53, YW 87, and Milk 32. He was 106 pounds at birth and 704 pounds Adj. 205.