Thorstenson Hereford Ranch Production Sale |

Thorstenson Hereford Ranch Production Sale

Justin Tisdall, a neighbor, bought several bulls.

Date: Apr. 8, 2017

Location: at the ranch – southwest of Selby, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


38 reg. yrlg Hereford Bulls – $3,397

10 yrlg Angus Bulls – $3,035

14 reg. yrlg Hereford Heifers – $1,550

Sale day at Thorstenson Hereford Ranch is just about a guarantee that the wind will blow. This year’s sale was no exception, but it did not dampen the spirits of the Hereford bull buyers. The bulls were all on display outside, with the actual sale conducted in their comfortable barn via video screens.

Thorstenson Ranch, homesteaded in 1886, is located in north central South Dakota near the beautiful Oahe reservoir. Bill and Paula Thorstenson, along with their son, Darin, and his wife, Danielle, produced an outstanding set of bulls for this year’s sale. I really liked the top pen of these bulls.

Many repeat buyers competed to purchase these good cattle. These bulls were long and deep, with width and muscle. Thorstenson’s strive to produce females with fertility, structural soundness and natural thickness. Their cowherd’s production is based on their tremendous native grass. There was again a lot of competition on the Hereford heifers, as well as on the top end of the Angus bulls.

Top selling Hereford bull of the day was Lot 6190, selling to repeat buyer, Mike Pavel, from Lesterville, South Dakota, for $6,000. He was a son of Bar JZ Audacious 294A, and out of a daughter of K&B Trigger. He had EPDs of BW 4.9, WW 66, YW 98, MILK 26, M&G 59, RE 0.48, and MARB -0.06. With a 90- pound birth weight, he weaned at 708 pounds to ratio 109.

Lot 6119 also sold to Mike Pavel for $5,500. He was a son of Pyramid 3027 Domino 1109, and out of a K&B Trigger daughter. His dam ratioed 115 on two calves. With an 88 pound birth weight, he weaned at 790 pounds to ratio 122. His EPDs were BW 2.9, WW 68, YW 106, MILK 32, M&G 66, RE 0.68, and MARB 0.20. He weighed 1299 pounds at 365 days, and had a rib eye of 12.9 square inches.

The McTighe Brothers from Faith, South Dakota, made Lot 6040 their top pick at $5,000. He was sired by Pyramid 3017 Domino 1109. His EPDs were BW -0.9, WW 50, YW 84, MILK 31, M&G 56, RE 0.41, and MARB 0.29. Only 72 pounds at birth, he weaned at 682 pounds to ratio 105. He had an IMF of 4.14.

Brett Baldwin from Anthon, Iowa, purchased Lot 6176 at $5,000. He was by Pyramid 3027 Domino 1109 with EPDs of BW 0.3, WW 58, YW 95, MILK 28, M&G 57, RE 0.73, and MARB 0.25. He had a 72-pound birth weight, and a weaning weight of 708 pounds to ratio 109. He had a 40 cm scrotal measurement.

In the Angus bull division, the top selling bull was Lot 6128, going to Marty Raba, from Selby, South Dakota. Sired by Pyramid Longmire 3224, he was out of a cow by LeMar Final Answer 67T. Entering the world at 90 pounds, he weaned at 800 pounds to ratio 117. He had a 38 cm scrotal measurement and an IMF of 4.66.

The Green Valley Stock Farm, Inc., from Selby, South Dakota, was back again this year to purchase Lot 6083 at $3750. This son of JLS Something Special was 82 pounds at birth, and weaned at 790 pounds.

The top selling Hereford heifers were Lots 6100, 6125, and 6167, all daughters of NJW 47X 8Y Homegrown 51A, selling for $1,700 each. They sold to Bar JZ Ranches from Holabird, South Dakota, Keith Eichler from Aberdeen, South Dakota, and Hill View Farm, Pollock, South Dakota.

Volume buyers included McTighe Brothers Inc., Faith, South Dakota, and the DeBarnest and Gary Wickersham families from Onida, South Dakota.

Give Bill or Darin a call. They would like to visit about how Hereford genetics can increase the quality of your cow herd.

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