Bakers LeMar Angus Performance Sale |

Bakers LeMar Angus Performance Sale

Sale host Mike and Sandy Baker at the annual Baker LeMar Angus bull sale.

Date: Apr. 10, 2017

Location: Sale held at St. Onge Livestock, St. Onge, SD

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


64 Angus Bulls – $3,551

36 Registered open heifers – $1,842

34 Commercial open heifers – $1,200

Baker LeMar Angus held their annual production sale at St. Onge Livestock Auction, St. Onge, SD. The bulls in the sale represent over 65 years of dedicated Angus breeding. This year’s bulls were backed by some of the most recognized sires in the Angus breed, including Mill Bar Hickok, Final Answer, SAV Resource Ten X, Power Tool and several others.

With the passing of Leo Baker last fall, Mike and Sandy Baker are committed to keeping the legacy of Baker’s LeMar Angus Ranch moving forward. They have invested in several new herd sired that when crossed on the Final Answer daughters in the herd should make for some excellent upcoming seedstock.

Topping the sale was lot 3, LeMar Hickok 6047, a Feb. 2016 son of Mill Bar Hickok 7242 that had a weaning ratio of 109, yearling ratio of 115 and epds of CED 8 BW .2 WW 63 YW 113 Milk 28, sold to Darin Thorstenson, Selby, SD for $8,500.

Lot 28, LeMar Power Tool 6077, a Feb. 2016 son of PA Power Tool 9108 with epds of CED 6 BW 1.2 WW 52 YW 101 Milk 36 and a weaning ratio of 111 sold to Sodak Angus, Reva, SD for $8,250.

Thorstenson picked another Hickok son in lot 2 at $8,000. LeMar Hickok 6017, born Feb. 2016 had a weaning ratio of 115, yearling ratio of 113 and epds of CED 12 BW -1.4 WW 63 YW 103 Milk 28.

Lot 34, LeMar Black Granite 6082, a Feb. 2016 son of Connealy Black Granite out of a Final Answer dam had epds of CED 13 BW -.6 WW 54 YW 93 Milk 25 and sold to Mike Manning, Hemingford, NE for $6,250.

Two other Hickok sons sold at $6,000 each.

Lot 6, LeMar Hickok 6166, born Mar. 2016 also out of a Final Answer dam had epds of CED 13, BW -2.2 WW 60 YW 106 Milk 25 with 112 yearling ratio selling to KP Stevens, Ashland, MT.

Lot 12, LeMar Hickok 6075, born Feb. 2016 had weaning ratio of 116, yearling ratio of 119 and epds of CED 10 BW -.7 WW 60 YW 103 Milk 26 and sold to Dart Angus, Wall, SD

The top selling registered heifer was lot 103, LeMar Queen Carrie 6104, a Mar. 2016 daughter of Bar 0 Lead Chinook 4075 and out of a Final Answer dam with epds of CED 10 BW -.1 WW 45 YW 83 Milk 27 sold to Chuck Tipton, Box Elder, SD for $2,400.

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