Open A/ Heart River Feedlot 2015 Production Sale

Eric Bowman, Bowman Ranch, Rhame, N.D.

Date: March 11, 2015 at Open A/Heart River Feedlot, Belfield, ND

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk and Rowdy Benson

38 Red Angus bulls averaged: $5085

46 Angus bulls averaged: $4695

What an opportunity it was for bull buying at the Open A/Heart River sale facility near Belfield, N.D., for the Heart River Ranch and Open A Angus Bull Sale. A wide range of genetics definitely brought together the better of two breeds to be appraised. The Chuck and Annette Steffan family offered several Red Angus bulls with a lot of thickness to them backed with performance. The Jim & Lynn Arthaud family offered the Angus bulls which represented the breed well with a smooth look and a lot of depth. All these bulls were raised on nature’s grass and water to ensure their longevity in the future. Here is how the top of both breeds turned out:

Topping the Red Angus bulls was Lot 1, HRR Legend 4103, sired by 5L Legend 1553-425V son for $8,500. Purchased by JoDee Watson of Jordan, MT, this bull posted EPDs of BW -2.1, WW 54, YW 93, and Milk 25. He was born Feb. 17, 14 weighing 72 pounds and has an Adj. WW of 702 pounds

Lot 8, HRR Montana 4136, sold to Collin Gibb of Jordan, MT for $8,500. This Feddes Montana X44 son sure stood out in the pen and on paper with EPDs of BW -2.0, WW 67, YW 100, and Milk 25. He was born March 13, 2014, weighing 72 pounds with an ADJ WW of 703 pounds

Lot 24, HRR Boaz 4105, and Lot 29, HRR Liberty 4141 both sold for $7750 to Ron Steffan of White Lake, S.D. Lot 24 is a calving ease son of Steadfast Boaz T71 with EPDs of BW -4.1, WW 58, YW 85, and Milk 21. While Lot 29 was a VGW Liberty 523 son with EPDs of BW -0.6, WW 52, YW 85, and Milk 19. Both bulls will be excellent female producers.

The high selling Angus bull was Lot 42, Open A 2P Right Time B4410, who sold for $8250 to Ray Tescher of Beach, ND. This Leachman Right Time son was born March 14, 2014 weighing 80 pounds and had and ADJ WW of 747 pounds His EPDs are BW 2.0, WW 40, YW 72, and Milk 21.

Lot 67, Open A 218S Packer B4402, sold for $7750 to Curt Buckman of Belfield, N.D. This Connealy Packer 547 son posted EPDs of BW 2.4, WW 51, YW 93, and Milk 22. This stretchy bull was born March 7, 2014, and had an ADJ WW of 772 pounds He is out of a Sitz Traveler 8180 dam.

Lot 62, Open A 8132U Cedar Ridge B296, sold to the Bowman Ranch of Rhame, N.D., for $7,500. Here’s a Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V son who had an actual birth weight on April 24, 2014 of 82 pounds and an ADJ WW of 622 pounds His EPDs are BW 0.5, WW 47, YW 77, and Milk 20.

Lot 44, Open A 178S Thumper B356, sold for $7250 to Bud Obrigewitch of Belfield, ND. This OCC Thumper 819T son posted EPDs of BW 5.0, WW 52, YW 85, and Milk 20. This thick rascal was born Mach 29, 2014, weighing 106 pounds and had an ADJ WW of 759 pounds. F