Reyes Russell Sale |

Reyes Russell Sale

Reyes Russell sold some oustanding bulls to a full house of buyers.

TSLN Rep: Dixon Scott

Date of Sale: Feb. 26, 2018

Location: Wheatland, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Lex Madden


211 Angus Bulls – $6,186

Lot 13 at $59,000 was MR Coach 1296, Red Angus, DOB: 6/23/2016, PAP 41; sired by MR Coach 20003 out of M R Royal 4077S by M R Cola. sold to Crump Red Angus, Gillette, Wyoming.

Lot 4 at $30,000 was MR Titus 2566, DOB: 6/9/2016, sired by McKellar Titus out of M R Pam 8789 by KMR Force 2706. sold to Mountain Valley Livestock, Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot 43 at $18,000 was M R Columbus 23366, DOB: 6/3/2016, PAP 38; sired by Bartels Columbus 310 out of M R LYN 5882 by Granger Great Falls 053. sold to Wheeler Mountain Angus, Whitehall, Montana.

Lot 34 at $17,000 was MR Dex 24166, DOB: 7/10/2016, PAP 34; sired by WMR Ten X 432 out of MR Rita 20542 by M R Bill 6288S. sold to Scott Ranches, Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot 8 at $15,000 was MR Columbus 0446, DOB: 6/3/2016, PAP 36; sired by Bartels Columbus 310 out of MR Andie 9882 by Granger Great Falls 053. sold to Lund Ranch, Gunnison, Utah.

Top Fall Yearling Bulls:

Lot 225 at $13,500 was KMR Countdown 896, DOB: 8/12/2016, PAP 39; sired by Connealy Countdown out of KMR Sara 888 by MR Power 1516. sold to Derrell Shawcroft, La Jara, Colorado.

Lot 224 at $12,000 was KMR Recharge 986, DOB: 9/12/2016, PAP 38; sired by S A V Recharge 3436 out of KMR Emma 439 by Schurrtop American 5846. sold to Dennis Edwards, Gillette, Wyoming.