Sonstegard Cattle Company LLC Bull Sale |

Sonstegard Cattle Company LLC Bull Sale

Kristi and Loren Langer, Bemidji, Minnesota.


Dennis Ginkens

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Name of Sale

Sonstegard Cattle Company LLC Bull Sale

Date of Sale



at the Farm Montevideo,MN


Kyle Gilchrist

Sales Manager



15 Two year ol Bulls averaged $3403

60yearling Bulls averaged $3739

Sale Highlights

There was a great crowd on hand for this rescheduled bull sale. The Sonstegard family picked a very nice spring day to offer an outstanding set of Red Angus bulls.

Lot 13 at $9,250, 3SCC ESCAPE E14, Dob 2-14-20147, Reg 3766061, 1DRA Deliverance 4006 x 3SCC Bo nnie C32, sold to Larson Lost River Livestock, Clearbrook, Minnesota.

Lot 15 at $9,000, 3SCC DEFENDER E507, Dob 2-24-2017, Reg 33827529, 5L Defender 560-30Z x BSKE Lark C440, sold to Travis Albrecht, Thurston, Nebraska.

Lot 5 at $7,000, 3SCC DETAIL E87, Dob 2-27-2017, Reg 3766147, 3SCC Domain A163 x 3SCC Sierra T82, sold to Westphal Red Angus, Grass Range, Montana.

Lot 10 at $6,750, 3SCC POTENTIAL E37, Dob 2-20-2017, Reg 37666079, 5L Advavtage 560-68B x 3SC Esthet C422, sold to Joel Lauer, Clearwater, Minnesota.

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