Bobcat Angus 15th Annual Production Sale |

Bobcat Angus 15th Annual Production Sale

The Snyder Family, Hoglend, Montana.

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Jan. 25, 2020

Location: Western Livestock Auction Great Falls, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


86 Yearling Bulls – $4,137

36 Fall Yearling Bulls – $4,160

46 Two-Year-Old Bulls – $4,223

168 Total Bulls – $4,165

49 Registered 8 Year Old Bred Cows – $1,785

147 Commercial Bred Heifers – $1,267

Great Cattle, great food, and great people. All three of these were a common theme at the 15th Annual Bobcat Angus Production Sale Jan. 25, 2020 held at Western Livestock Auction in Great Falls, Montana. Every seat in the sale barn was filled, and the family enjoyed seeing many new faces along with a lot of familiar ones. The Ratzburg family has built a strong reputation for raising and offering high quality cattle for sale by always staying conscious of phenotype, performance and structure. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 4 at $11,000, Bobcat Blue Sky G120, 3/19/19, Bobcat Blue Sky x Bobcat Queenall 363, Sold to R.K. Perry Angus, Power, Montana.

Lot 12 at $10,500, Bobcat Hot Lotto G62, 2/14/19, BSF Hot Lotto 1401 x Bobcat Primrose 502, Sold to The Glennie Ranches Two Dot, Montana.

Lot 138 at $10,000, Bobcat Natural F149, 5/19/18, Mytty Natural x Bobcat Lass 580, Sold to Kleeman Ranches, Peerless, Montana.

Lot 9 at $8,500, Bobcat Legend G7, 2/12/19, VAR Legend 5019 x Bobcat Lass 417, Sold to The Glennie Ranches.

Lot 22 at $8,000, Bobcat Blue Sky G54, Bobcat Blue Sky x Bobcat Lassie 463, Sold to Brown Angus, Wolf Point, Montana.

Lot 95 at $8,000, Bobcat Bomber F196, Casino Bomber N33 x Bobcat Miss Angus 438, Sold to Jay Vasboe, Cut Bank, Montana.

Top Registered Cow:

Lot 185 at $3,750, Bobcat Miss Angus 2013, WK Bobcat x Bobcat Esterel 671, Sold to Dallas Berkram, Cut Bank, Montana.

Top Commercial 2 Coming 3 Year Old Bred Cows:

$1,975 x 81 head

$1,900 x 44 head

Top Commercial Bred Heifers:

$1,800 x 40 head

$1,750 x 30 head

$1,700 x 40 head

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