Thomas Ranch 48th Annual Production Sale |

Thomas Ranch 48th Annual Production Sale

Ernie Weisbeck, Herried, SD got a couple Thomas Ranch bulls.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: April 14, 2020

Location: Sale held at the ranch, near Harrold, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar & Lynn Weishaar


108 Angus Bulls – $3,652

25 Sim-Angus Bulls – $4,040

39 Red Angus Bulls – $3,724

59 Charolais Bulls – $3,622

69 Angus Heifers – $1,416

16 Red Angus Heifers – $1,258

16 Charolais Heifers – $1,142

Very nice sale for the Thomas family. Excellent set of bulls and females that sold into 14 states and Canada. With several breeds represented, there was a bull to fit any ranching operation.

Top Angus bulls:

Lot 104, TR Monumental 9098G, 3/19 son of EXAR Monumental 6056B x Basin Payweight 1682, to C & S Cattle, Orient, SD for $12,000.

Lot 49, TR MR Comrade 9038G, 2/19 son of Connealy Comrade 1385 x VAR Field Ready 4245, to Zack Kearns, Rushville, NE for $10,000.

Lot 75, TR MR Stunner 9190G, 3/19 son of Musgrave 315 Stunner x Mogck Bullseye to Travis Hofer, Bridgewater, SD for $8,500.

Lot 71, TR MR Ashland 9173G, 3/19 son of GAR Ashland x Sitz Upward 307R to Breck Bean, Fort Handrock, TX at $8,500.

Top Sim-Angus bulls:

Lot 121, TMAS MR Surelock 9756G, 4/19 son of WINC Surelock 634D x HR Hoc Broker to Jordan Holt, Aberdeen, SD for $7,000.

Lot 120, TMAS MR Frontier 9705G, 3/19 son of CCR Frontier 0053Z x Mr. NLC Upgrade U8676 to Krebs Ranch, Gordon, NE for $5,500.

Top Red Angus bulls:

Lot 157, TMAS Mr. Lexus 906G, 2/19 son of Damar Next D852 x Loosli Right Direction 308 to Ft. Hays State University, Ft. Hays, KS for $14,500.

Lot 137, TMAS MR Powereye 9701G ET, 2/19 son of Red Soo Line Powereye 161X x Citation 138 to Brian Smith, Rigby, ID for $10,000.

Top Charolais bulls:

Lot 176, CAG TR Cartel 9620G ET, 3/19 son of TR MR Firewater 5792RET x M&M Raptor 8122 Pld to Luke Boutiellier for $22,000.

Lot 177, CAG TR Carbon Fire 9611G ET, 2/19 son of TR MR Firewater 5792RET x M&M Raptor 8122 Pld to Brian Smith, Rigby, ID for $13,500.

The top selling heifer of the day was an Angus heifer, lot 342, 9220G, 3/19 daughter of Bubs Southern Charm x SAV Final Answer 0035 for $5,750 to Scott Jacobson, Pierre, SD.

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