Baker Hereford Ranch & Amdahl Angus and Hereford

Customers packed the seats for the Amdahl/Baker sale.

Date: Feb. 14, 2015

Location: at the Ranch near Rapid City, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

Reported: Rowdy Benson


42 yearling Hereford bulls – $7,696

80 yearling Angus bulls – $5,020

3 fall Hereford bulls – $6,333

1 fall Angus bull – $9,000

It was a bitter cold day North of Rapid City, S.D., at the Baker Hereford Ranch as the nice weather disappeared for a spell. The weather may have been cold but the bulls were sure a hot commodity as the buyers packed the bleachers ringside. Many new customers had tough competition with repeat buyers which I think speaks well to the Baker’s program. This year Tim and Marcia Amdahl joined the sale and will be continuing the Baker Hereford lines at the Baker Hereford Ranch which they purchased from Jim and Jeff. The Amdahls brought Angus bulls to the sale representing calving ease, fleshing abilities, and disposition! Not to mention a good smooth looking Angus phenotype (outward appearance if my cousin Logan is reading this) that was pleasing to the eye. Both families represented outstanding values as well as cattle and it was a pleasure to attend this sale and look forward to it in the future. Here is how the top of both breeds ended up:

Lot 10, KB L1 Domino 408B, a HH Advance 1038Y ET son topped the sale at $16,000. Purchased by Bartling Herefords of Herrick, S.D., this bulls has EPDs of BW 2.9, WW 50, YW 77, and Milk 23. He was born Jan. 18, 2014, weighing 79 pounds and has an Adj 205 of 798 pounds. This was an eye-catching bull that if described in one word it would be “volume.”

Lot 8, KB L1 Domino 406B, sold to Vulture Acres of Enderlin, N.D, for $15,000. This HH Advance 1038Y ET son was born Jan. 17, 2014, weighing in at 73 pounds and has an Adj 205 of 751 pounds. He put up EPDs of BW 0.0, WW 40, YW 65, and Milk 29. Another correct looking 1038Y son.

Lot 32, KB L1 Domino 456B ET, sold for $10,500 to Coon Herefords of Goodland, Kansas. This CL 1 Domino 2121Z son represents the breed well with EPDs of BW 2.8, WW 55, YW 90, and Milk 33. He was born Feb. 20, 2014, weighing 92 pounds and has an Adj 205 day weight of 831 pounds.

Lot 49, BR Upward 437B, a Sitz Upward 307R son sold to the Hermann Ranch of Lemmon, S.D. An Angus bull selling for $10,500 with EPDs of BW 3.3, WW 57, YW 107, and Milk 32, he was born Feb. 7, 2014, weighing 90 pounds and had a Adj 205 day weight of 881 pounds. Not only a top Angus bull at a Hereford sale, he holds his own in the Angus breed, ranking in the top 4 percent for $Feed, carcass wt, and milk!

Lot 11, KB L1 Domino 409B, a CL 1 Domino 2215Z 1ET son sold to Rafter O Herefords of Elgin, Oklahoma, for $10,000. He has EPDs of BW 2.8, WW 50, YW 77, and Milk of 32. Born Jan. 19, 2014, weighing in at 74 pounds with an Adj 205 of 800 pounds.

Also selling for $10,000 was lot 39, KB L1 Domino 469B, to longtime customers Behm Hereford Ranch of Burlingon, ND. This HH Advance 1038Y ET son has EPDs of BW 3.0, WW 50, YW 85, and Milk 26. He was born March 4, 2014, weighing 91 pounds and had an Adj 205 of 766 pounds.