Bakers LeMar Angus Performance Sale

Jean and Larry Vignaroli, Buffalo, Wyoming, repeat Baker LeMar Angus bull buyers.

Date: Apr. 1, 2016

Location: Sale held at St. Onge Livestock, St. Onge, SD

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


16 Fall yearling Angus bulls – $3,765

69 Spring Yearling Angus bulls – $3,960

16 Registered open heifers – $1,628

65 Commercial open heifers – $1,332

Bakers LeMar Angus Ranch, St. Onge, S.D., held their annual production sale at the St. Onge Livestock, on Apr. 11, 2016.

Baker’s LeMar Angus Ranch has been an icon in the Angus breed in the region nearly since they began breeding Angus cattle in 1951. This family operation is owned by Leo & Marilyn Baker with son Mike and his wife Sandra. They are dedicated to producing genetically predictable cattle that will perform in all environments. Cattle that combine calving ease with superior growth, maternal and carcass traits along with fertility and longevity

Leo has raised or owned many of the breed changing herd bulls in the Angus industry, going back to the days of “SkyHigh” to the modern days of Final Answer, Windy 702 and Mill Bar Hickok. They added another great prospect to the herd this spring with the purchase of AAR Reinvested 5016. Watch for his progeny in upcoming sales.

This was a steady sale for the Baker family, the bulls appeared to be in better sale condition than in recent years and had that “LeMar Angus” look again.

Topping the sale was a pair of Final Answer sons. Lot 1 LeMar Final Answer 6C, born Jan. 2015 has epds of CED 7 BW .7 WW 55 YW 98 with a weaning ratio of 109 and yearling ratio of 108. Lot 6 LeMar Final Answer 61C, born Feb. 2015 has epds of CED 10 BW -.5 WW 56 YW 100 Milk 25 weaning ratio 109, yearling ratio 110. Both bulls were purchased by Saunders Land and Livestock, Gillette, Wyoming, at $10,000 and $8,500 respectively.

Lot 50, LeMar Cedar Ridge 15C, a Feb. 2015 son of Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V with epds of CED 12 BW -1.3 WW 53 YW 94 Milk 30 and weaning ratio 114, yearling ratio 113 sold to Joe Buseman, Canistota, SD for $6500.

Also selling at $6500 was lot 57, LeMar Brilliance 50C, a Feb. 2015 son of SAV Brilliance 8077 with epds of CED 6 BW .8 WW 59 YW 103. This bull had a 205-day wt. of 747 pounds WR 110 and yearling wt. of 1261 pounds, YR 104 selling to Harlan Angus, Kaycee, WY.

Lot 17, LeMar Relay 0699-75C, a Feb. 2015 son of HA Relay 0699 with epds of CEC 11 BW .1 WW 58 YW 101 Milk 24 sold to Larry Draine, Boyes, Wyoming, for $6,250.

Two bulls sold at $6,000 each

Lot 14, LeMar Hickok 238C, a Mar. 2015 son of Mill Bar Hickok 7242 sold to Billy Fields, Sturgis, SD

Lot 17, LeMar Relay 0699-75C a Feb. 2015 son of HA Relay 0699 sold to Dave Nisley, Broadus, MT.

The top selling fall bulls were both calving ease Sept. 2014 sons of CAR Cedar Ridge 1126. Lot 92, LeMar Ridge 509B and lot 94, LeMar Ridge 512B sold to Roger Gunderson, Buffalo, S.D., at $5,750 each.