Bar JZ Ranches Sale Report 2017 |

Bar JZ Ranches Sale Report 2017

Casey & Kelsey Meyer purchased five Limousin bulls.

Don/Peg/Seth Zilverberg

Holabird, SD

68th Annual Production Sale

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thomas Ranch Sale Facility

Auctioneer: Sonny Booth

Bar JZ Ranches of Holabird, South Dakota hosted their 68th annual production sale. The Bar JZ program seeks to offer calving ease bulls that grow well and maintain superior carcass traits. All the sale bulls had been tested for the homozygous polled and homozygous black traits where applicable. Those bulls were well received. By raising Polled Hereford, Limousin, and Lim-Flex cattle, the Zilverbergs produce bulls and females to meet the needs of many crossbreeding systems.

52 Polled Hereford Bulls averaged $3810.

Lot 46. $8200. Bar JZ Cobblestone 134D. A homozygous polled 3/26/16 son of Bar JZ Hearthstone 426B and out of Bar JZ Virginia 329Y, a 719T daughter to Simon Herefords, SD. 3/4 interest, full possession.

Lot 53. $6700. Bar JZ Roundup 163D. A homozygous polled 4/3/16 son of MSU Xerox 20X and out of Bar JZ Hope 026A, a Trust daughter, to Richard Schulte, SD.

Lot 4. $6100. Bar JZ Roll With It 006D ET. A homozygous polled 3/6/16 son of Frenzen Bar JZ Bruiser B30 and out of Bar JZ Fern 781Z to Hora Herefords, SD.

Lot 14. $6000. Bar JZ Encore 040D ET. A homozygous polled 3/11/16 son of KCF Bennett Encore Z311 ET and out of Bar JZ Hope 833A ET, a Trust daughter, to Coffin Butte Farm, ND.

Lot 44. $6000. Bar JZ Encore 114D. A homozygous polled 3/24/16 son of KCF Bennett Encore Z311 ET and out of Bar JZ Kylie Jo 843U, a Kirby daughter, to Morris Hagberg, NE.

11 Polled Hereford Females averaged $2945.

Lot 74. $5000. Bar JZ Glimmer 422C. A 3/20/15 daughter of Bar JZ Gunner 308A and out of a Crossfire dam, bred to TH Sheyenne 3X, to Cane Creek Cattle Co., SD.

40 Yearling Limousin and LimFlex Bulls averaged $3025.

Lot 109. $6000. Bar JZ Paladin 059D. A 3/14/16 a homo polled, hetero black 75% LimFlex son of SYES Bar JZ Paladin and out of a New Level dam, to Dave Salathe, SD.

Lot 124. $5600. Bar JZ Architect 102D. A 3/16/16 homo polled, homo black, 65% LimFlex son of TMCK Architect and out of a Justice granddaughter, to Lee Kleinschmidt, SD.

Lot 121. $5500. Bar JZ Paladin 087D. A 3/20/16 homo polled, hetero black, 87% Limousin son of SYES Bar JZ Paladin and out of a WZRK Titus Temptation daughter, to Casey & Kelsey Meyer, ND.

Volume buyers were Raleigh & Leigh Leesman, Brady Rinehart, Casey & Kelsey Meyer and Janisch Ranch.

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