Barenthsen-Bullinger “Red Angus Factory of the North” 16th Annual Production Sale |

Barenthsen-Bullinger “Red Angus Factory of the North” 16th Annual Production Sale

Jim Maier, Elgin, N.D., bought one bull and one bred heifer.

Date: Feb.18, 2015

Location: At the ranch, rural Powers Lake, N.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


85 ylg Red Angus bulls – $7,229

10 Reg. Red Angus bred heifers – $4,975

10 Reg. Red Angus heifer calves – $4,300

35 Commercial heifer calves – $2,681

We were only 24 miles south of the Canadian border, and what a beautiful farmstead! It was cold, but the bright sunshine was glistening off the snow. The buildings were well designed and efficient. Bidders, friends, and neighbors stayed warm inside, as a big crowd gathered to bid on this powerful set of bulls and females.

Barenthsen-Bullinger Red Angus is a partnership of Mark and Kathy Barenthsen with their daughter and son-in-law, Jessica and Jeremy Bullinger.

Many repeat customers were on hand to bid competitively on this good set of cattle. These bulls have good dispositions, and were raised on native grass with no creep. They were brought along slowly so as to protect their feet and increase the lifespan of the bulls.

The auction was very competitive on the top end, and you could find bulls in every price range. The big colorful catalog, filled with complete data on each bull made it easy to find the right fit for your cow herd. There were quite a few exceptional bloodlines available to choose from.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 4, BB Direct Design 4161, selling for $33,000 to Triple S Red Angus, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This long bull was sired by OKCC Direct Design 102W and out of a daughter of Feddes Direct King 7144. Born at 87 pounds, he weaned at 780 pounds. He had plenty of performance in his background and posted EPDs of CED 2, BW 0.4, WW 65, YW 97, MILK 29, HPG 14, CEM 9, STAY 9, and MARB 0.57.

At $16,000, Lot 3, BB Gallitan 4055, was sold to Matt Beery, Vida, Montana. This powerful herd bull prospect had lots of eye appeal and strong performance. He was sired by one of the newer herd sires, Feddes Gallatin Z113 and out of a Messmer Packer S008 cow. With an 88 pound birth weight, he weaned at 737 pounds. His EPDs were CED 5, BW -0.2, WW 73, YW 114, MILK 23, HPG 9, CEM 9, REA 0.28 and STAY 10.

John and Sara Berg, Grenora, N. Dak., paid $15,000 to own Lot 2, Bar M Twitch 4049. He hit the ground at 92 pounds and grew to a weaning weight of 759 pounds. This bull was sired by Red SSS Twilight 457Z and out of a C-T Canyon 429 daughter. His EPDs were BW 1.1, WW 70, YW 111, MILK 23, ME -6, STAY 8 and MARB 0.47.

Sand Hills Red Angus, Froid, Montana., found Lot 7 to their liking, and paid $14,500 to own him. He ranked in the top 25 percent of the breed in 11 traits. Sired by Larson Paladin 238, he was out of a daughter of BUF CRK The Right Kind U 199, and had a 72 pound birth weight. His EPDs included CED 8, BW -2.8, WW 63, YW 103, MILK 25, HPG 14, CEM 8, STAY 13, HB 148, GM 52, MARB 0.66 and REA 0.32.

Another popular bull was Lot 1, selling to Gregory Rauschendorfer, Poplar, Montana., at $14,000. Here was another bull sired by Feddes Gallatin Z113. He had a smooth pattern and clean design, and should bring many strong maternal traits to a cow herd. Born at 83 pounds, his mother was a daughter of Larson Sun King 016. His EPDs were BW -1.6, WW 66, YW 105, MILK 26, CEM 10, HB 141, GM 52, and STAY 13.

The top bred heifer was Lot 88, selling for $8,250 to John and Sara Berg, Grenora, North Dakota. Her genetics were from Larson Sun King 016 and Feddes Big Sky R9. She ranks high in most categories, including CED 9, BW -5.7, WW 53, YW 83, MILK 30, HB 186, GM 54, HPG 14, STAY 18, and MARB 0.81. She was bred to calve Apr. 30, 2015 to BAR M Forum 3019.

The Bergs also got the top open heifer calf with their purchase of Lot 107 at $10,500. She was sired by Red Lazy MC Soldier 30Z and had Vermillion bloodlines on her dam side.

This was a great sale for these two families, and well worth the drive.

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