Barenthsen & Bullinger Red Angus |

Barenthsen & Bullinger Red Angus

Lynn and Brian Rosencrans, Powers Lake, North Dakota.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 20, 2019

Location: at the Ranch, Powers Lake, ND

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


89 Red Angus Bulls – $4,916

26 Registered Yearling Heifers – $1,896

67 Commercial Heifers Averaged $1,200

Great day at the ranch for the Barenthsen/ Bullinger Red Angus Sale. The seats were full of many repeat buyers .

The after sale Apple Crisp and Cheesecake was very tasty.

Lot 6 at $9,750, BB Brigade 8018, Dob 3-4-2018, Reg 39611595, LSF SRR Pugilist 6115D x DK MissRight Kind A131, sold to Mandan Lake Simmental, Center, ND.

Lot 11 at $9,750, BB Right Solution 8035, Dob 3-7-2018, Reg 3961613, Loosli Right Solution 3071 x Bb Miss Silkwood 6086, sold to Richard Jore, Watford City, ND.

Lot 81 at $9,750, BAR M Commander 8262, Dob 4-6-2018, Reg 3961415, LSF SRR Jumbo 3104A x BAR M MS Prairie 4165, sold to Richard Jore Watford, City.

Lot 23 at $9,500, BB Renaissance 8067, Dob 3-3-2018, Reg 3961645, Crump Mission Statement x BB Mis Storm, sold to Blake Wold, Watford City.

Top Selling Female

Lot 105 at $2,900, BB MS Juliet 8149, Dob 3-17-2018, Reg 3961735, Crump Assault 6655 x Bb MS Juliet 1100, sold to Tim Davis Arapaho, OK.