Baumgarten Cattle Co 15th Annual Production Sale |

Baumgarten Cattle Co 15th Annual Production Sale

Buckwite Angus, Belfield, North Dakota

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date: Feb. 2, 2018

Location: At the ranch, Belfield, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


40 Hereford Bulls – $4,587

5 Yearling Angus Bulls – $3,850

4 Fall Angus Bulls – $4,625

20 Hereford heifers – $1,250

47 Baldy Heifers – $1,011

Sale Highlights

• Lot 765 at $10,000, BCC DEMAND 765E, 2-16-2017, Reg 43838005, BCC L1 Domino 489B x Bccl1 Tama 5105C, Sold to Wayne Mrnark Bowman, North Dakota.

• Lot 7114 at $9,500 BCC DOMINO 7114E, 3-4-2017, Reg 43838507, CL1 Domino 5110C x Bcc L1 Dominette 226Z

sold to Larry Stangle Nebraska.

• Lot 702 at $7,500 BCC L1 DOMINO 706E 1-17-2017 Reg 43839384 CL1 Domino 412 B x BCC Dominette 557C sold to James Woodbury Shields, North Dakota.

• Lot 789 at $7,500 BCC L1 DOMINO 789E, 2-20-2017 Reg pending CL1 Domino 5110C x Bcc L1 DOminette 2255Z sold to Chris Mickelsen Roseville, Kansas.

• Lot 748 at $7,250 BCC THROTTLE 748E, 2-14-2017 Reg P43846205, H Redline 513 x Bcc Scarlet 315A sold to Doug and Luke Heitmam, Harvey, North Dakota.

Top Selling Angus Bull

• Lot 6110 at $7,500, NORDS INTRODUCTION 6110 Dob 9-8-2016 Reg 18913675 PVF Insight 0129 x KR Cally 4931, sold to Duckwite Angus Ranch Belfield, North Dakota.

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