Baxter Angus: Follow the Trail to Superior Maternal Genetics |

Baxter Angus: Follow the Trail to Superior Maternal Genetics

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

Date: April 26, 2022

Location: at the farm, west of Redfield, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson


32 yearling Angus Bulls avg. $ 4125

10 two-year-old Angus Bulls avg. $ 3775

3 yearling Black Hereford Bulls avg. $ 4500

3 two-year-old Black Hereford Bulls avg. $ 3417

2 yearling SimAngus Bulls avg. $ 3000

20 reg. Angus open Heifers avg. $ 2060

22 Commercial open Heifers avg. $ 1564

Since this was the first time that I’d been to this sale, I’d have to say that I was very impressed with the overall quality of the cattle. I thought the Lot 1 bull was one of the especially good Angus bulls that I’ve seen this spring. Mark Baxter’s herd is backed by strong genetics, and the ranchers bid aggressively during this fast-moving auction.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 1: $ 10,500 to Neil Ostrand, Nebraska – Connealy Niobrara 5451 x Connealy Capitalist 028

Lot 2: $ 8,000 to Marty Anderson, South Dakota – D 5501 Pit Boss E78 x Connealy Capitalist 0823

Lot 5: $ 6,000 to Levtzow Farms, Rockham, South Dakota – MCC Cash 8037 x S A V Populist 0470

Lot 7: $ 6,000 to Jerard Paulsen, Rockham, South Dakota – Cherry Crk Payweight C133 M x GDAR Leupold 298

Lot 51: $ 6,000 to Larry Webb, Faulkton, South Dakota – Connealy Niobrara 5451 x Connealy Right Answer 878A

Top Selling Open Heifers Heifers:

Lot 73: $ 3,500 to Hilltop Angus Farms, Bowdle, South Dakota – Connealy Plus 580 x LaGrand Upward 0120

Lot 71: $ 3,250 to Jacob Smith, Newton, Iowa – D 5501 Pit Boss E78 x JD Game Time 62

Bryce Gjerde, Hazel, South Dakota, with Jerard Paulsen, Rockham, South Dakota, who bought two bulls.
Brent Koops and Stan Hunnel, both from Gettysburg, South Dakota, each bought one bull and three heifers.
David Unterbrunner, Artesian, South Dakota, bought heifers, Lots 99 and 100.

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