Beckton Red Angus 75th Anniversary Production Sale |

Beckton Red Angus 75th Anniversary Production Sale

Hugh and Valli Fulton, Broadus, Montana

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 14, 2020

Location: At the Ranch near Sheridan, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


212 Yearling Red Angus Bulls – $5,067

20 Registered Red Angus Heifers – $3,113

23 Commercial Red Angus Heifers – $1,526

April 14, 2020 found an excellent set of cattle offered at the 75th Anniversary Beckton Red Angus Sale, held at the ranch near Sheridan, Wyoming. Known as “The Foundation Herd of the Red Angus Breed,” Beckton Red Angus has a long history of raising breed changing cattle and being an industry leader. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 50 at $15,000, BECKTON DOMINOR G604 H9, DOB 4/7/19, BECKTON DOMINOR D254 N8 x BECKTON CHRISTY T749 HT, Sold to McCormick Red Angus, Caledonia, MN.

Lot 21 at $14,000, BECKTON LIKABLE G435 W6, DOB 3/27/19, BECKTON LIKABLE B032 C5 x BECKTON LARKEISA C533 W, Sold to Travis Schaffer, Pierre, SD.

Lot 25 at $12,000, BSF LIKABLE G288 N6, DOB 3/20/19, BECKTON LIKABLE B032 C5 x BSF JUSTICIA A684 N, Sold to Loonan Stock Farm, Corning, IA.

Lot 61 at $11,000, BECKTON SCAMP G084 L6, DOB 3/5/19, BECKTON SCAMP E175 N5 x BECKTON LANA E698 L, Sold to Scott McClelland, Lancaster, OH.

Lot 54 at $10,500, BECKTON ACCENT G380 L3, DOB 3/24/19, BECKTON ACCENT W180 C2 x BECKTON FREY JA A425 L, Sold to Cody Cribbs, Altus, OK.

Lot 63 at $10,500, BSF ORACLE G114 C2, DOB 3/8/19, SCHULER ORACLE-7142E x BSF CLIFFTANA E357 C, Sold to Cowden Cross L Cattle Co., Skellytown, TX.


Lot 301 at $5,000, BECKTON LANA G444 J, DOB 3/27/19, BECKTON JULIAN GG B571 x BECKTON LANA A040 E, Sold to Tracy Hawker, Blackfoot, ID.

Lot 302 at $4,250, BECKTON MINOLA G181 S, DOB 3/13/19, BECKTON SCAMP D325 x BECKTON MINOLA W150 D, Sold to Cash Schick, Lodge Grass, MT.

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