Beef Country Genetics 29th Annual Sale |

Beef Country Genetics 29th Annual Sale

Beef Country Genetics buyers.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Nov. 28, 2018

Location: Midland Bull Test Sale Arena Coloumbus, MT

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


64 Coming Two Year Old Angus Bulls – $4,340

53 Fall Yearling Angus Bull – $3,844

9 South Devon Bulls – $2,611

50 Commercial Angus Heifer Calves – $1,050

Sale Highlights

Lot 1 at $11,750, MJB 1E OF 5164 502C, 1-26-2017, Reg 19103657, Bowman Cash 5164 x MBJ Envious Blackbird 502C, sold to Mike Maher, Isabel, South Dakota.

Lot 27 at $11,000, MCD QV Answer 770, Dob 3-14-2017, Reg 18952014, QV Final Answer 5009 x McD Performiss 243, sold to Sunlight Ranches, Wyola, Montana.

Lot 3 at 10,000, MJB 18E OF 5164 034X, Dob 2-23-2017, Reg 19103680, Bowman Cash 5164 x MJB Jodie 034X, sold to Mike Maher.

Top Selling Yearling Fall Angus Bulls

Lot 81 at $8,500, MCD Unanimous 7155, Dob 8-2017, Reg 19123329, Vision Unanimous 1418 x Prairie Marsh Pride 1414, sold Dion Ottmar, Mott, North Dakota.

Lot 72 at $8,000, McD Uno 7156, Dob 8-23-2017, Reg 19117232, CCA UNO 049 x Marda Lady 5123, sold to Shane Peabody Ekalaka, Montana.

Lot 112 at $8,000, Frosty CRK Complete 771, Dob 775, Reg 19166402, MCD Complete 3508 x Frosty CRK Predomineant 4003, sold to Sunlight Ranches, Wyola, Montana.


Beef Country Genetics had great November Day with Temperatures in the high 40s, for a great group of buyers to walk through the Sale Bulls.

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