Beef Country Genetics Sale |

Beef Country Genetics Sale

Date: Nov. 29, 2017

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs and Joe Goggins

Location: Columbus, Montana

Reported By: Dixon Scott

Sale Averages:

44 Two Year Old Hereford Bulls – $2,795

64 Two Year Old Angus Bulls – $4,473

39 Fall Yearling Angus Bulls – $4,237

10 South Devon Bulls – $3,475

Top Angus Bulls:

Lot 142 $29,000 to Currant Creek Angus Ranch, Roundup, MT and Hershey Ranch, Hill City, SD; McD Payweight 6122; 8/14/16; Basin Payweight 107S x SS Objective T510.

Lot 105 $10,000 to Mallet Cattle Company, Powderville, MT; McD 4832 673; 3/5/16; J Mc 4832A of 7013 x SAV Final Answer.

Lot 85 $8,500 to DeGrand Angus, Baker, MT, McD Capitalist 653; 2/3/16; AB-LVS Capitalist x Garret’s On Target.

Lot 150 $8,250 to Russell LaFond, Roy, MT; McD Unanimous 6126; 8/20/16; Vision Unanimous x B/R New Frontier 095.

Lot 73 $7,500 to Mike Maher, Isabel, SD; MJB 25D of 2Y 018X; 2/20/16; MJB Infinity 2Y x MAR Midland Empire.

Top Hereford Bulls: 4 Bulls at $4,500 each

Lot 6 to Ron Boltz, Grassy Butte, ND.

Lot 22 & 33 to Jenni Ranch, Lewistown, MT.

Lot 29 to Carl Kimmel, Roundup, MT.

Top South Devon Bull:

Lot 212 $5,000 to Dahlaren Cattle Company, Timberlake, SD; MJB Royal Lad 70D; 8/26/16; DLC Royal Lad 1139 x MJB Romeo.

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