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Beef Country Genetics Sale

Billy Clanton from Buffalo, South Dakota, taking advantage of the top quality Herefords offered.

Date: Dec. 2, 2015

Location: Midland Bull Test, Columbus, Mont.

Auctioneers: Roger Jacobs and Joe Goggins

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


44 Hereford bulls – $5,227

43 Fall Angus bulls – $4,791

53 Two-year-old Angus bulls – $5,471

8 South Devon bulls – $4,781

Well it was another nice day at Midland Bull Test in Columbus, Montana, for the Beef Country Genetics Sale. There was an awesome opportunity to get your hands on some of the very best genetics on some of the best bulls in the territory. The Brillhart Ranch Co. brought an outstanding set of rugged Hereford bulls. Combine that with the Angus bulls of McDonnell Angus, Frosty Creek Angus, and MJB Ranch and the result is one whale of a sale. These bulls were bred to perform and I think no customer will be disappointed. As usual Colonel’s Roger Jacobs and Joe Goggins had the pedel to the metal, and here’s some of the traffic stops we made throughout the day:

Top Angus:

Lot 132, McD Performer 4407, sold to MJB Ranch of Lodge Grass, Montana, for $18,000. Sired by CCA Uno 049 and born Sept. 21, 2014, weighing in at only 65 pounds with an Adj. WW of 744 pounds. His EPDs include BW 0.9, WW 64, YW 102, and Milk 35.

Lot 95, McD Performer 443, sold to Sunny Okanogan Angus Omak, Washington, for $13,000. A Koupal Czech 158 son with EPDs of BW 3.3, WW 74, YW 137, and Milk 26. He was born April 15, 2014 weighing 89 pounds and has an Adj. WW of 769 pounds.

Lot 88, McD Performer 407, sold to Lucky 7 Angus of Riverton, Wyoming, for $11,500. Another son of Koupal Czech 158 born March 25, 2014 that weighed 92 pounds and with an Adj. WW of 711 pounds. His EPDs include BW 3.7, WW 66, YW 112, and Milk 24.

Top Hereford:

Lot 20, BRC 175W Dandy B07, sold to Strang Herefords of Meeker, Colorado, for $11,000. This rugged rascal was born March 1, 2014 with a birth weight of 90 pounds and weaned off at 780 pounds. He is sired by FE 34R Ribstone Dandy 175W and has EPDs of BW 3.9, WW 52, YW 82, and Milk 17.

Lot 33, BRC 175W Dandy B10, sold to Mike Maher of Isabel, South Dakota for $10,000. Here’s another good Ribstone Dandy son that weighed 86 pounds at birth on March 8, 2014 and a whopping 815 pounds at weaning. His EPDs include BW 2.7, WW 47, YW 75, and Milk 19.

Lot 36, BRC 21Y Incinerator B30, sold to Gary Jenni of Lewistown, Montana, for $10,000. He was born March 31, 2014 at 90 pounds and weaned off at 800 pounds. He is sired by SNS 12R Incinerator 21Y and has EPDs of BW 4.1, WW 53, YW 73, and Milk 23.

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