Beitelspacher Ranch Annual Production Sale |

Beitelspacher Ranch Annual Production Sale

Date: Feb. 27, 2015

Location: Mobridge Livestock

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


67 Sim Angus Bulls – $4,649

7 Angus bulls – $4,893

Because he is a loyal buyer and feeder of his customers’ calves, Mark Beitelspacher finds a lot of reapeat buyers in the seats on sale day. It didn’t hurt that he chose a day where the weather was pleasant. His supportive customers enjoyed the day. They had come to buy bulls.

High seller, lot 13, $9,500, to Eddie Ducheneaux, Timber Lake, S.D.

This five-eighths Simmental is a son of Mr NLC Upgrade. His birthweight was 84 pounds. Then he grew and ratioed 116 at a year and posted an ADG of 4.7. This bull was long, thick, solid black and full of muscle.

One of the second high sellers, lot 28, $8,500, to Andy Sandland, Selfridge, N.D.

This big framed bull is a son of Remington Lock and Load. He ratiod 110 at weaning and posted a 38 scrotal circumference.

Another second high seller, lot 25, $8500, to Perry Hoffman, Bowdle, S.D. A son of STF Royal Affair, the half blood Sim Angus ratioed 114 at weaning, 112 at a year of age and boasted, had scrotal circumference of 40. The eye catching bull was long, thick and deep sided and seemed quiet and well-mannered.

Third high seller, lot 14, $8,000, Eddie Ducheneaux, Timber Lake, S.D. This grandson of Upgrade was born at 80 pounds and then ratioed 114 at a year of age, racking up an ADG of 4.6. He was another high quality, massive individual.

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