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Benda Ranch Simmentals & SimAngus

Benda customers ready for the big event.

Sale Name: Benda Ranch Simmentals & SimAngus

Date of Dale: Monday, February 11, 2019

Location: Kimball Livestock

Auctioneer: Justin Tupper

Representative: Curt Littau


55 yearling bulls – $4,860

Colonel Justin Tupper kept the crowd entertained at the Kimball Livestock Auction for the annual Benda Simmental Ranch production sale. A total of 55 yearling bulls were sold in one hour to a crowd of repeat customers, new customers, and those that joined on DVAuction which was provided by Justin Dikoff.

The Bendas have been raising Simmental cattle for 45 years and strive to offer producers bulls with calving ease, great dispositions, and longevity. The bulls on this year’s sale were all polled with several of the bulls testing homo or hetero black.

Topping the 2019 offering of yearling bulls were:

Lot 15, JBS Mr Domination 112F, a son of Domination that sported an 824 # adj. 205 weight, purchased by Doug Konechne for $8,250.

Lot 24, JBS Mr. Eldorado 116F, the #2 bull at weaning, purchased by Greg Wettlaufer for $7,750.

Lot 29, JBS Mr. Renown 521F, a black, polled half simmental bull with a 4.1 average daily gain, purchased by Nathan Weiland for $7,500.

Lot 5, JBS Mr. Elevate 0617F and Lot 56, “JBS Mr. Final Sort”, purchased by Terwilliger & Sons and Tom Gorzalka for $7,000.

Lot 32, JBS Mr. Resource 304F, purchased by Nepodal Land & Cattle for $6,750.

Lot 8, JBS Mr. Pace 625F, purchased by Ton Gorzalka for $6,500 and Lot 16, JBS Mr. Domination 207F, purchased by Johnathan Grozalka for $6,500.