Benda Simmental Ranch Annual Production Sale |

Benda Simmental Ranch Annual Production Sale



Date of Sale: Feb. 8, 2021


Location: Kimball Livestock Exchange

Auctioneer: Justin Tupper


55 Yearling Bulls – $4,922


The Benda family brought an exceptional set of bulls to town on a cold day. Things sure heated up inside, with a wonderful meal and lots of bidding. The Bendas believe in a set of bulls raised on mama’s milk and NO CREEP feed, with the commercial operation in mind, their customers really appreciate the longevity.

High selling bull was lot 4 for $9,000 to Dale Miles Montrose, SD.

Lot 3 brought $8,500 and went to Tom Gorzalka Clearmont, WY.

Lot 12 rang the bell at $7,750 from Greg Weflaufer Winfred, SD.

Lot 6 came in at $7,500 with Nick Strand as the buyer from Platte, SD.

Lot 27 also brought $7,500 from Greg Weflauer Winfred, SD.

Buyers at the Benda Simmental Ranch bull sale.
Auctioneer Justin Tupper and sale hosts Jay and Jim Benda.



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