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Benda Simmental Ranch

Doug and Pat Konechne Kimball took home Lot 50

Date: February 9, 2015

Location: Kimball Livestock Exchange, Kimball, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Col. Justin Tupper


56 yearling bulls – $6,513

18 bred heifers – $3,761

On a foggy, damp morning, a large crowd gathered to view what 40 years of raising Simmental cattle can produce. Bidders and buyers from the area, on-line, and from Montana to Missouri, along with Col. Justin Tupper, provided an active day of bull and bred heifer purchasing at the “Kimball Livestock Exchange” in Kimball, South Dakota.

On Feb. 9, 2015, the Benda Ranch offered 20 powerful Simmental yearling bulls, 36 Simm-Angus composites, along with 18 bred heifers. The bulls were mostly March and April babies, had no creep, and were fed a high roughage ration through the winter.

Sires of these bulls included Hart Final Answer 0038, JBS Big Casino 336Y, and ASR/GLS Pacesetter U862, along with eight other industry leading bulls.

Leading off and topping the sale was lot number 8, JBS Mr. Club King 903B, a March baby with an adjusted 205 day weight of 802 pounds and an adjusted yearling weight of 1,445 pounds. This calf was purchased by Rob Pischel from O’Neill, Nebraska, for $15,500. Following this calf were lot numbers 2 and 9, each with a $9,500 price tag.

Lot 2, JBS Mr. Casino 831B, was purchased by Rick and Deb Ford from Bruce, South Dakota . This calf had an adjusted 205 weight of 805 pounds and an adjusted yearling weight of 1518 pounds.

Lot 9, JBS Mr. Pace 010B, a red, polled, purebred, purchased by Clay Ekstrum from Kimball, South Dakota, was the number 1 weaning bull produced from the 2014 crop and produced numbers of 815 adjusted 205 day and 1528 adjusted yearling.

Completing the list of top selling bulls at $9,000, were lot 19, a purebred sired by TNT Tanker and selected by James McCord of White Lake, South Dakota; lot 50, a half-blood sired by SAV Bismarck, selling to Doug Konechne of Kimball, South Dakota.

Topping the bred heifers at $5,100 was lot 66, JBS Miss Olie 121A, a black, polled, purebred heifer, bred to Hart Final Answer and purchased by Ben Bogenhagen from White Lake, South Dakota. Second place went to lot 62, a Simm-Angus heifer sired by JBS Mr. Focus 205U, bred to Hart Final Answer and selected by Steve Eichacker of Salem, South Dakota for $4,750.

Volume purchases were made by Mike Carr of Cassville, Missouri, purchasing lots 12, 16, 17, 33, 34, and 41; Barry Emmons of Olive, Montana, Rose L7 Ranch of Chamberlain, South Dakota, and Ben Bogenhagen of White Lake, South Dakota.