BHSS® Gelbvieh Sale |

BHSS® Gelbvieh Sale

Date: Feb. 1, 2018

Location: Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota



18 bulls – $4,400

4 open heifers – $4,050

3 bred heifers – $3,167

Top bulls

•$11,000, BABR 7326E, sold by Beatstrom Ranch, purchased by Overmiller Gelbvieh and Red Angus, Smith Center, Kansas

• $8,500, Madd Hank 701E, sold by Paige Lehrkamp, purchased by Dave Lensegrav, Meadow, South Dakota

• $7,000, BEA 703E ET, sold by Beastrom Ranch, purchased by Blake Steinkruger, Upland, Nebraska

• $5,750, SGMF 25D, sold by Murphy Farms, purchased by Corky Fosher, Lusk, Wyoming

• $5,000, VLK E729 War Cloud, sold by Volek Ranch, purchased by Zach Rupp, Perry, Oklahoma

• $5,000, CJLL Elvis E1724, sold by CJ&L Livestock, purchased by Lynn Ryan, Ansley, Nebraska

Top heifers

• $5,750, GDX 723E ET, sold by Goldux Gelbvieh Ranch, purchased by Jan Schulte, Mabel, Minnesota

• $5,500 Lazy TV Ms Storm E179, sold by Lazy TV Ranch, purchased by Bryce Heinje, Wilmot, South Dakota.

Top bred heifer

• $4,500, GDX Dolly 648D ET, sold by Logan Zemlicka, purchased by Lazy TV Ranch, Selby, South Dakota.

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