BHSS® Hereford sale |

BHSS® Hereford sale

Date: Jan. 31, 2018

Location: Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota



33 Bulls – $4,455

6 heifers – $4,833

Top bulls

• $16,000, K Caliber 602, sold by Sage Krebs, purchased by Wilkinson Farms, Neligh, Nebraska

• $14,000, Ecrchezl 18 Sensation 7051 ET, sold by Fawcett Elm Creek Ranch, purchased by James Schuette, Highmore, South Dakota

• $10,500, Chez ECR TR Chandyman 7305E, sold by Chesney Effling/Fawcette Elm Creek Ranch, purhcased by Brad and Meg Frecking, Alpha Minnesota

• $10,000, KE 209 Pioneer 703 KE, sold by Eichler Livestock, purchased by Ch Rau, Selby, South Dakota

•$5,750, HPH 513 Elderado 4065E, sold by Hanson’s Polled Herefords, purchased by Bottum Brothers, Tulare, South Dakota

• $5,250, K Timber 705 ET, sold by Sage Krebs, purchased by Martin Geier, Osage, Wyoming

Top heifers

• $6,750, MC Missy 1021ET, sold by Muller Cattle, purchased by Sage Krebs, Gordon, Nebraska

• $6,500, K Roxy 704, sold by Sage Krebs, purchased by Mark Rodriquez, Raymondville, Texas

$6,250, CCCC Maggie 1754, sold by Cane Creek Cattle Co., purchased by Mark Rodriquez.

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