BHSS Red Angus Sale |

BHSS Red Angus Sale

Date: Feb. 1, 2018

Location: Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, South Dakota



35 bulls – $4,091

13 open heifers – $4,438

2 bred heifers – $15,500

•$8,250, HPHR 80B Elvis 83E, sold by Hanson’s Red Angus, purchased by Robert Campbell, McIntosh, South Dakota

• $8,250, CB Mimi 1625, sold by Carruthers Brothers, purchased by Ashley Dritz, Canton, South Dakota

• $8,000, CB North Start 1630, Carruthers Brothers, purchased by Danny Lanning, Alzada, Montana

• $6,250, Namken Rapid Fire 110E, sold by Namken Red Angus, purchased by Brad Arrowsmith, Bassett, Neb.

• $6,000, JK Powerstroke 917E, sold by JK Angus, purchased by John Carlson, McLeod, North Dakota

• $5,000, BMRA Mr Cinch 799, sold by Mitchell Red Angus, purchased by Steve Williams, Norris, South Dakota

• $5,000, ULRA Eclipse 1701, sold by Ulrich Red Angus, purchased by Bruce Handel, Menno, South Dakota

• $5,000, TR SLA MR Nexus 6157 ET, sold by Thomas Ranch/Troy Thomas, purchased by Jensen Ranches, LLC., Whitewood, South Dakota.

Top heifers

• $11,500, HRP Ridstom 503E E715, sold by Hansine Ranch, purchased by Ryan Ludvigson

• $10,000, BJF Cita 7104, sold by BJ Farms, purchased by Hansine Ranch, Pierre, South Dakota.

Top bred heifers

• $16,000, PIE Cora 6495, sold by Hansine Ranch, purchased by Ryan Ludvigson

• $15,000, WR MS CJ Shark 140D, sold by Daniel Weidenbach, purchased by Newly Hutchinson, Canton, Oklahoma.

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