Big Sky Elite Female Sale |

Big Sky Elite Female Sale

Date: Dec. 6

Location: Logan, MT

Auctioneer: Kyle Gilchrist


31 Bred heifers – $3,006

89 Mature cows – $2,321

2 Pregnant recips – $1,750

5 Embryo lots – $930

Consignors at this sale included C-T Red Angus, Feddes Red Angus, Green Mountain Red Angus and Klompein Red Angus. TOPS: Feddes Jessa A31-D53, 2/3/16 by LSF Saga 1040Y; to Whitely Red Angus, Horton, AL, $6,000. C-T Gwen 6029, 1/25/16 by Brown JYJ Redemption Y 1384; to Dan and Kristi Spoon, Toston, MT, $5,250. Feddes Tina A17-D44, 1/30/16 by Feddes Conrad A208; to Jared Dalling, Hamer, ID, $5,000. Feddes Blockana 9130, 1/31/09 by Feddes Big Sky R9; to Feddes Cattle Co., Manhattan, MT, $5,000. C-T Linsey 0815, 1/18/08 by Bieber Make Mimi 7249; to Lucht Red Angus, Bozeman, MT, $4,500.

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