Black Ranches Nine Irons Bull Sale |

Black Ranches Nine Irons Bull Sale

Mark Coffield (left), with his son Chadron, from Yuma, Colorado, purchased 12 composite bulls.

Date: Apr. 6, 2016

Location: at Black Ranches Bull Test, near Alliance and Antioch, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Tracy Harl

Reported by: Dan Piroutek and Scott Dirk


116 Angus and Composite Bulls – $4,968

2 Horses – $4,625

The Nine Irons Seedstock Bull Sale brings together cattle and horses from six ranches. These families are: Karl and Janice Hueftle of Cozad, Nebraska, Darold and Lorna Tomsheck of Oilmont, Montana, Vince and Lori Poppe of Ellsworth, Nebraska, Butch and Peg Black of Lakeside, Nebraska, Lindner Ranches of Durango and Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and Jake, Bree, Tate, and Trace Poppe of Fallon, Montana.

Attendance at this sale assures you will receive some of the finest hospitality, and a chance to appraise some top Angus and Composite bulls. Always progressive, this group of producers strives to offer the genetics most desired by their customers, and to offer the bulls in ways that help the cattlemen chose bulls with the best fit for their cow herds.

The Nine Irons bulls are compartmentalized into groups of 2 to 5 for sale day. These groups have very similar stats, and in many cases contain three-quarter brothers. During the sale, bulls entered the ring in these groupings, while videos displayed the bulls on several big screens around the ring. The top bidder was allowed to choose one or more of the bulls. This allows customers to build a bull battery based on uniformity in phenotype and consistent in performance. This is all in an effort to craft a more marketable and profitable program to their buyers.

Another new program for this year was having all the composite and hybrid sale bulls given the Igenity Gold DNA test as a part of a group of 125 bulls. Fourteen traits are measured and assigned an Igenity production index number. Traits ranked included calving ease, stayability, residual feed intake, ADG, tenderness, marbling, and more. All Angus bull have the Zoetis 150 K test.

The top selling bull of the day was Lot 137, an Angus bull. He sold for $10,000 to the Ed Dentler Family from Lakeside, Nebraska. Sired by Ten X 7000, going back to Mytty In Focus, and out of a daughter of Final Answer, this bull had some top numbers. He was born at 79 pounds, gained at 4.1 pounds per day, and posted a $B score of 166.38. His EPDs included BW -0.9, WW 64, YW 122, and MILK 27.

Lot 126 was another Angus bull, and he was also purchased by Ed Dentler. At $9,500, this son of Final Answer was out of a daughter of Progress. He ranks in the top 2 percent for CEM, the top 3 percent for CED, and the top 4 percent for $W. He entered the world at 80 pounds, and grew to a weaning weight of 700 pounds to ratio 109. His EPDs are CED 14, BW -1.3, WW 59, YW 102, and MILK 27.

Slash 2 Livestock of Van Tassell, Wyoming, in Niobrara County, paid $9,500 to take home the top selling composite bull. Lot 5 was 63 percent Angus, 31 percent Simmental, and 6 percent Gelbvieh. His weaning and yearling ratios were both 113. Born at only 70 pounds, this black bull weaned at 745 pounds and grew to a yearling of 1,247 pounds. Sired by GW Stellar 429Z, he was out of a daughter of Powderhorn 6002U. He had a PAP score of 37, an IMF of 4.39, and a 14.5 square inch ribeye. His EPDs were BW -1.8, WW 56, YW 98, and MILK 26.

Another top selling composite bull was Lot 13, PCC Copyright 4110C, a son of Skyline 7127A. Out of a daughter of Junior, he was 61 percent Angus, 28 percent Simmental, and 11 percent Gelbvieh. Copyright, a black bull, is a very complete calving ease bull with strong ultrasound numbers and the third highest Igenity gold result out of the 125 tested. Born at 70 pounds, he weaned at 845 pounds to ratio 122, and continued growing to reach 1256 pounds as a yearling to ratio 114. His PAP was 38, his IMF was 4.26, and he had a ribeye measurement of 15.3 square inches. Completing the package were his EPDs of BW 0.2, WW 60, YW 107, and MILK 24.

The volume bull buyer of the day was the Pat Montoya Family from Blanco, New Mexico. They purchased 19 bulls.

At $5,750, Drifters Rio was the top selling horse. This 12 year old gelding was an eye catcher with his flaxen mane and tail. His new owner is Lee Walker of Alliance, Nebraska.

Not only do they serve a big lunch, they also invite everyone to stay for a full-course steak dinner at the end of the sale.

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