Booth’s Cherry Creek Ranch Progress Thru Performance Bull Sale |

Booth’s Cherry Creek Ranch Progress Thru Performance Bull Sale

Bull buyer Gene Sanders of Albin, Wyoming.

Location: At the Ranch near Veteran, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Lex Madden

Reported by: Rowdy Benson


140 Angus fall bulls –$8,007

9 Angus ylg bulls – $7,361

5 Red Angus fall bulls – $7,250

4 Charolais fall bulls – $7,500

What a beautiful day in Veteran, Wyoming, for the Cherry Creek Progress Thru Performance Bull Sale. Before the sale Dianne Booth said she had been working in a t-shirt the day before! Good weather, good bulls, and a good crowd all combined for some pretty outstanding bidding ringside. This sale is geared toward performance and the bulls showed it. The Booths did another outstanding job putting together an offering ready to go to work. Here is the top end:

Lot 126, Cherry Crk Solution 3368M, a KG Solution 0018 son sold for $13,000 to Ross Conrad of Flager, Colorado. They went in catalog order and found the top seller 126 lots into it! He put out EPDs of 0.1 BW; 61 WW; 117 YW; 25 Milk and weighed 78 pounds when born Sept. 2, 2013. His ADJ weaning was 676 pounds.

Lot 154, Cherry CRK Our Time 3316, a Red Angus bull out of AHL About Time 113Y sold for $12,000 to Fred Smith of Douglas, Wyoming. This bull was born Sept. 6, 2013 weighing 81 pounds with ADJ WW 776 pounds. His EPDs included BW -3.1; WW 65; YW 102.

Lot 108 Cherry Crk Broken Bow 3392S is a KM Broken Bow 002 son, sold for $11,500 to Jack Cobb of Savery, Wyoming. His EPDs 63 WW; 111 YW; 31 Milk definitely made him desirable. He was born Aug. 17, 13 weighing 80 pounds and has an ADJ WW 750 pounds.

Lot 134 sold for $11,250 to Bruce Bummer of Casper, Wyoming. This KG Solution 0018 son was born Sept. 2, 2013 weighing in at 64 pounds and has an ADJ WW 668 pounds. His EPDs include -0.1 BW; 57 WW; 103 YW; 24 Milk.

Also selling for $11,250 was Lot 1, Cherry Crk Broken Bow 3103 M, to Dick Pettinger of Eaton, CO. This KM Broken Bow 002 son weighed 80 pounds at birth on Aug. 17, 13 with an ADJ WW 901 pounds. He posted EPDs of 0.7 BW; 74 WW; 118 YW; 32 Milk.

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