Bowles J5 Red Angus 17th Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 04/06/2022

Location: Glasgow Stockyards-Glasgow, Montana

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe


35 Bulls Averaged $3,464


Lot 4 at $5,500, J5 EVEREST 1162-557E, 3/28/21, 5L MTN TRADER 2943 x J5 4158 GOLDIE 12X1390065, Sold to Larry Stensland-Wolf Point, Montana

Lot 23 at $5,000, J5 LIKEABLE 1100-F506, 3/21/21, BECKTON LIKABLE F506 S63987490 x JJTB 90404117428, Sold to Ken Solberg Fuhrman-Larslan, MT

Lot 32 at $5,000, J5 MERLINS QUEST 1217-718E, 4/21/21, 5L MERLIN PRIDE 2963 x J5 8306 LOLA DAK 99Y1482888, Sold to Lewis McGill & Steve Stamm-Powderville, Montana

Lot 1 at $4,750, J5 BIG THRILLS 1059-8003, 3/18/21, J5 BIG SHOOTER 80033957077 x JJTB 90754117232, Sold to Gibbs Red Angus-Jordan, Montana

Lot 13 at $4,750, J5 CRUSADER 1194-718E, 4/4/21, 5L MERLIN PRIDE 2963 x J5 TR MARTHA 84Z1577061, Sold to Engstrom Ranch-Glasgow, Montana

Great day for the Bowles family as they hosted the 17th Annual ‘Bowles J5 Reds’ Production Sale April 7 at Glasgow Stockyards, Glasgow, Montana. Brady Bowles is carrying on the family legacy by continuing to improve on raising high quality Red Angus Cattle that are developed to thrive in the toughest environments. Congratulations on a great sale!

A customer looking over the cattle at the Bowles J5 sale.
Donny Nelson -Glasgow, Montana.

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