Brooks Chalky Butte Angus Ranch 2017 Production Sale |

Brooks Chalky Butte Angus Ranch 2017 Production Sale

Rod Geppert, Angus Association Rep, is in a deep and intelligent conversation with the mayor of Shadehill, S.D. John Bartell.

Date: April 1, 2017

Location: Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, ND

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Scott Weishaar

TSLN Reps: Rowdy Benson and Dan Piroutek

117 bulls averaged: $3,547

928 commercial heifers averaged: $1,118

3 ranch geldings averaged: $7,467

This sale report could begin like every other report in this paper. It was a nice day. Food was good. Decent sized crowd. So what is it that made Brooks Chalky Butte Angus Ranch set apart from every other Angus bull sale in the country? To answer that I’ve got one word: consistency. It is consistency in their program that allows customers to trust in these bulls. The true testament to consistency is the by products. Look at all the commercial heifers consigned by their friends and neighbors! These people offered almost 1,000 head of local homegrown heifers that were U-N-I-F-O-R-M. The bulls were no different; they were made to be consistent and long lasting. Here’s the cream:

Lot 1, Brooks Payweight 6442, is learning to speak Canadian because he is headed to Medicine Hat, Alberta with Pahl Livestock for $9,500. He’s a son of Basin Payweight 1682 that was born 3/12/16 at 84 pounds and scored 719 pounds on his 205 Adj. His EPDs include BW 1.2, WW 71, YW 116, and Milk 31.

$7,750 bought Lot 4, Brooks Payweight 6415, for Travis Miller of Bismarck, N.D. Sired by Basin Payweight 1682, this bull scored EPDs of BW -0.2, WW 61, YW 116, and Milk 28. He was born 3/9/16 at 74 pounds and was 634 pounds on his 205 Adj.

Brian Goven of Mercer, N.D., bought Lot 13, Brooks Full Power 6380, for $7,750. He’s sired by PA Full Power 1208 and was born 3/6/16 at 94 pounds. This bull has EPDs of BW 2.4, WW 58, YW 101, and Milk 31 as well as being 708 pounds on his 205 Adj.

$7,750 was the high bid on Lot 54, Brooks Payweight 6254, for Art Degrand of Degrand Angus in Baker, Mont.. His sire is Basin Payweight 1682 and his EPDs are BW -0.6, WW 58, YW 106, and Milk 30. He was born 2/25/16 at 74 pounds and he was 673 pounds on his 205 Adj.

Lot 7, Brooks Comrade 6417, sold for $7,500 to Wade Wilson of Watford City, N.D. He’s a son of Connealy Comrade 1385 that was born 3/9/17 at 86 pounds and was 662 pounds on his 205 Adj. His EPDs include BW 0.1, WW 52, YW 102, and Milk 35.

Lot 10, Brooks Comrade 6351, sold for $7,500 to Casey Hoff of Richardton, N.D. This Connealy Comrade 1385 son was born 3/4/16 at 70 pounds and was 661 pounds on his 205 Adj. His EPDs are BW -1.9, WW 52, YW 101, and Milk 30.

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