Bruner Angus 20th Annual Production Sale |

Bruner Angus 20th Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 20, 2022

Location: Bruner Angus Ranch, Drake, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins


64 Yearling Angus Bulls – $6,624

35 Two Year-Old Bulls – $7,350

33 Registered Bred Heifers – $3,652

25 Commercial Bred Heifers – $2,000

18 Open Commercial Heifers – $1,610

45 F1 Baldies – $1,553

A very large crowd gathered at the Bruner Angus Ranch to bid on a great group of both Angus bulls and females. I enjoyed seeing many repeat and new buyers.

Top Yearling Bulls

Lot 8 at $14,700 BAR NO DOUBT 1155, Dob 3-10-2021, Reg 20074944, Hoover No Doubt x BAR Miss Sure Shot R6018, sold to Jim Rott, Anamoose, North Dakota.

Lot 4 at $14,500 BAR COMMODORE 1024, Dob 2-27-2021, Reg 20113803, Kesslers Commodore 6516 x BAR Miss Acclaim 9118, sold to Northway Cattle, AB, CA.

Lot 5 at $14,500, BAR COMMODORE 1111, Dob 3-5-2021, Reg 20113802, Kesslers Commodore 6516 x BAR Miss Acclaim 9146.

Top Two Year-Olds

Lot 71 BAR CIRCUIT BREAKER 0333, Dob 4-11-2020, Reg 20118467, SAV Circuit Breaker 7136 x BAR Miss Sure ShotR6018, sold to Kuder Farms , Rogers, North Dakota.

Lot 72 at $11,500 BAR IMPRESSIVE 0327, Dob 4-10-2020, Reg 20115622, BAR Impressive 5368 x BAR Miss Hot Lotto 7110, sold to TJ Alme Balfour, North Dakota.

Top selling Female

Lot 134 at $4,750 BAR MISS IMPRESSIVE 0368, Dob 4-23-2020 Reg 20241689, BAR Impressive 5368 x BAR Miss King 4105, sold to Bryan Miller, Bismarck, North Dakota.

The anxious crowd at Bruner Angus.
Mae, Chelsy and Chandler Mack.
Andrew Lemer and Kendra Dallmann.
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