Carl Dethlefs & Sons Angus 47th Annual Production Sale |

Carl Dethlefs & Sons Angus 47th Annual Production Sale

Kyle Sybrant, Bassett, Neb., at the Carl Dethlefs and Sons Angus bull sale.

Date: Mar. 6, 2015

Location: The ranch near Rockville, NE

Auctioneer: Dustin Carter

Reported by: Scott Dirk


88 Two Year old Angus bulls – $7,412

19 Yearling Angus bulls – $4,855

4 Bred Heifers – $3,800

20 Open Heifer calves – $2,275

Jerry and Dianna Dethlefs along with son Gary and Dar Dethlefs and their families held the 47th Annual Carl Dethlefs & Sons production sale at the ranch near Rockville, Neb., on Mar. 6. This ranch was started in Angus cattle in 1952 when Jerry’s dad Carl, bought his first registered Angus cow. The ranch has progressed on to Jerry and his son Gary and their families. Over those past 60 plus years, the Dethlefs have concentrated on breeding quality Angus cattle that provide excellent growth, females with good dispositions that raise a big calf and the kind of cattle that will excel in the feedlot. Those goals are being met with this set of bulls.

These virgin two-year-old bulls have been selected and developed to sell as two’s. They have not been offered for sale in the past. They are sound, thick, deep and in great sale condition. The Dethlefs buyers really appreciate the fact that they can sort thru a large volume of half brother, aged bulls that will cover more cows and stay sound in the breeding pasture.

Several of the top selling bulls all went in the same trailer to Deric Robbins, Sumner, NE. Lot 4, Loup Valley Payweight 372, a 3/2013 son of Basin Payweight 107S sold at $15,000. This bull weaned off at 768 pounds with a yearling wt. of 1,340 pounds and scanned a 15 in REA. Selling at $14,500 was lot 15, Loup Valley Pioneer 347, a 3/2013 son of SAV Pioneer 7301 with a 205-day wt. of 809 pounds, yearling wt. of 1,404 pounds and epds of BW 2.6 WW 64 YW 109 Milk 27.

Robbins also selected two bulls at $14,000 each. Lot 1, Loup Valley CC & 7 3122, is a March 2013 son of Hoover CC & 7 K91 with epds of BW 1.4 WW 57 YW 94 Milk 94 and lot 8, Loup Valley Pioneer 3116 another March 2013 son of SAV Pioneer 7301 with epds of BW 2.3 WW 52 YW 96 Milk 29 filled up this trailer.

Selling at $12,000 was lot 31, Loup Valley Payweight 3176, a March 2013 son of Basin Payweight 107S with epds of BW 1.8 WW 68 YW 111 Milk 24 went to Gary Ludemann, Springview, Neb.

Rounding out the top sellers at $11,500 was lot 30, Loup Valley Iron Mtn. 3341, a April13 son of Peak Dot Iron Mtn. 74X. This bull had a weaning wt. of 858 pounds, yearling wt. of 1,448 pounds, and scanned a 15.6 ribeye.