Carlson Angus Ranch 35th Annual Production Sale |

Carlson Angus Ranch 35th Annual Production Sale

Carter Archibald of Hettinger, ND attended and bought a good bull.

Date: February 25, 2017

Location: at the Ranch, Mott, ND

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


44 Yearling Angus bulls averaged: $5482

8 Yearling Red Angus bulls averaged: $3875

17 Bred Angus heifers averaged: $2288

It was another ‘spring-teasing’ day at the 35th Annual Carlson Angus Ranch Production Sale. The Carlson’s take to heart one thing, quality. They do a large amount of research to pinpoint the very best sires to cross on their very best cows. The embryotic result is nothing short of spectacular. They have steadily increased the quality from top to bottom in their bull offering. If you are looking for all the top name genetics on bulls that will work in your environment, look no further. These bulls are designed to not only to put pounds on calves and thrive in real world environments but also to increase the maternal value of your herd. Reported here is the cream of the crop:

Lot 19, Carlson Resource 6038, stole the show for $16,000 heading to St. Onge, SD for Baker’s Lemar Angus Ranch. This bull is sired by SAV Resource 1441 and he posted EPDs of BW 0.7, WW 62, YW 121, and Milk 27. He was born 1/25/16 at 71 pounds and was 800 pounds at weaning.

Colin Schmidt of Manning, ND bought Lot 18, Carlson Resource 6107, for $10,500. SAV Resource 1441 is his sire and his EPDs are BW 1.9, WW 64, YW 120, and Milk 29. He was born 3/12/16 at 84 pounds and was 863 pounds at weaning.

Lot 1, Carlson Saphire 6005, sold for $10,500 to Scott Bradec of Marmath, ND. He is a son of SAV Final Answer 0035 and was born 1/20/16 at 66 pounds all while weaning off at 856 pounds! His EPDs include BW -1.3, WW 46, YW 78, and Milk 21.

Scott Bradec of Marmath, ND also bought Lot 17, Carlson Resource 6094, for $9,500. He’s a son of, you guessed it, SAV Resource 1441 and he scored EPDs of BW 2.9, WW 66, YW 117, and Milk 29. He was born 3/10/16 at 83 pounds and was 836 pounds at weaning time.

Lot 16, Carlson Resource 6081, sold for $8,500 to Dion Ottmar of Mott, ND. He is another son of SAV Resource 1441 with EPDs of BW 3.8, WW 71, YW 122, and Milk 30. He was born 3/1/16 at 90 pounds and was 938 pounds on his weaning weight.

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