Carlson Angus Ranch 36th Annual Production Sale |

Carlson Angus Ranch 36th Annual Production Sale

Jon Carlson visiting with Trenton Bruner, Drake, ND in the bull pens at the Carlson Angus Ranch sale.

TSLN Reps: Scott Dirk, Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 24, 2018

Location: Sale held at the ranch, Mott, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar


48 Yearling Angus bulls – $5,359

Carlson Angus Ranch, consisting of Jim and Sallee Carlson and Jon and Melissa Carlson presented an excellent set of yearling Angus bulls for their 36th annual production sale. With Jim and Sallee taking slowing down a bit and son Jon taking over, it is great to see the enthusiasm and passion to the Angus breed exhibited by the next generation at Carlson Angus. Jon has a plan for the future and it will be fun watching the progress of this operation for the next 30 plus years.

The top selling bull on the day was lot 11, Carlson Bank Note 7210, a 2/17 son of Brooking Bank Note 4040 with EPDs of: CED 3 BW 3.2 WW 69 YW 117 Milk 17 selling to Odde Ranch, Mound City, South Dakota, for $17,500.

Selling at $11,000 was lot 14, Carlson Registry 7220, a Jan. 17, son of SAV Registry 2831 with EPDs of: CED 0 BW 3.7 WW 60 YW 103 Milk 23 to Sixty One Bar Ranch, Stevensville, Montana..

Lot 15, Carlson Replay 7000, Jan. 17, son of Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075 sold to Brenner Angus, Carson, North Dakota, for $9,000.

Lot 18, Carlson Rito 7211, a Feb. 2017 son of Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075 went to Warren Berquist, Washburn, North Dakota, for $9,000.

Also at $9,000 was lot 37, Carlson Right Effect 7026, a Jan. 2017 son of the home-raised herd sire Carlson Right Effect 203, selling to Marilyn Kisse, Richardton, North Dakota.

Lot 38, Carlson Right Effect 7095, a March, 2017 son of the home-raised Carlson Right Effect herd sire sold to Rounds Angus, Union Center, South Dakota, for $8,750.