Carmichael Herefords 47th Annual Proven Genetics Sale |

Carmichael Herefords 47th Annual Proven Genetics Sale

Auctioneer Doug Dietterle with sale host Keith Carmichael and American Hereford Assn. representative Levi Landers at the 47th Annual Carmichael Herefords sale.

Date: Feb. 20, 2016

Location: The ranch, north of Faith, S.D.

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


50 Two Year old Hereford Bulls -$6,215

22 Yearling Hereford bulls – $4,545

2 Ranch geldings – $8,375

Keith Carmichael and family had a beautiful sunny day for their 47th Annual Proven Genetics Sale. There was a great crowd of new and repeat buyers in the seats that sat in to bid on this reputation set of yearling and two year old bulls.

The sale ring was a fairly large pen in the middle of the barn, which really allowed perspective buyers to see the bulls travel and show their quiet dispositions. The bulls were in great sale condition, showing their natural fleshing ability with out being overly fed. This is a real sound set of bulls that should really excel in most any breeding pasture.

The hospitality offered by the Carmichael family is top of the line, from the inch and an half thick, 16 oz. plus rib eye steak for lunch, to the after sale comrade, this is a great sale to attend.

Topping the sale was lot 34, KC L1 Domino 14082, an Apr. 2014 son of K & B Thunderstruck 113Y that sold to repeat buyer, Mortensen Cattle Co., Hayes, S.D. for $9,000. This thick made performance bull has EPDs of BW 3.3 WW 40 YW 67 Milk 27 M&G 47.

Mortensen also picked out lot 79, JC L1 Domino 4012B for $8,500. This Mar. 2014 son of KC L1 Domino 12029 has EPDs of BW 2.1 WW 42 YW 57 Milk 22 M&G 43.

Also selling at $8500 to repeat buyer, Doug Beer, Isabel, S.D. was lot 43. KC L1 Domino 14037, an Apr. 2014 son of HH Advance 0149X with EPDs of BW 2.4 WW 56 YW 98 Milk 23 M&G 51. This bull posted a weaning ratio of 111 and yearling ratio of 114.

Lot 9, a yearling Feb. 2015 son of KC L1 Domino 15062 was also a $8,500 bull selling to Bret Hanson, Faith, S.D. This bull is sired by ECR High Class 3009 and has EPDs of BW 1.1 WW 46 YW 67 Milk 28 M&G 51.

Three bulls sold at $8,000 each.

Lot 32, KC L1 Domino 14130 is a May, 2014 son of K & B Thunderstruck went to Crossview Ranch, Hettinger, ND

Lot 61, JC L1 Domino 4016B, a Mar. 2014 son of KC L1 Domino 12029 sold to Grubbing Hoe Ranch, Buffalo, S.D.

Lot 76, KC L1 Domino 14122, a May, 2014 son of CL 1 Domino 292Z sold to Kennedy Ranch, Faith, S.D.

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