Churchill Cattle Company World Class Bull Sale |

Churchill Cattle Company World Class Bull Sale

Thompson Cattle Company, Lawndale, North Carolina.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Jan. 22, 2019

Location: at the ranch, Manhattan, MT

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


117 Hereford Bulls – $5,179

22 Registered open Fall yearling heifers – $2,627

Churchill Cattle Company offered a very nice set of Hereford bulls and heifers on a beautiful January day in Manhattan, Montana.

Lot 2 at $25,000 for 1/4 interest and 1/2 possession, Churchill Red Baron 8300F ET, Dob 3-14-2018, P43938746, R Leader 6964 x Churchill Lady 500C, sold to Wells Bekins Cattle Company, Buffalo, Wyoming.

Lot 20 at $20,000, Churchill York 858F, Dob -29-2018, Reg P43919937, SHF York 19H YO2 x Churchill Lady 6400, sold to Reece Bros Cattle, Morgan, Utah, and Kent Thorne, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lot 5 at $16,000, Churchill Jumpstart 828F, Dob 1-17-2018, Reg P43919914, Churchill Kickstart 501C x SR CCC Lady Sport 2205Z, sold to John Ade, Wuantico, Maryland.

Lot 21 at $16,000, Churchill York 852F, Dob 1-29-2018, Reg P 43919933, SHF York 19H YO2 x Churchill lady 6510, sold to Woroniecki Brothers, Hebron, North Dakota.

Lot 31 at $14,000, Churchill Copper 8186F, Dob 2-18-2018, Reg 43927932 BR CSF, Copper x Churchill Lady 566C, sold to Brian Lank, Ft Worth, Texas.

Top Selling Heifer

Lot 119 at $9,500, ILR CCC Iron Lady 786 Dob 11-5-2017, Reg P43889160 Churchill Gallatin 5211C x Churchill Lady 202 sold to Kason Fitzpatrick, Manhattan, Montana.

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